Prof. Archileo Kaaya on 19th August 2019 handed over the instruments of power to Dr. Ivan Muzira Mukisa as the new Head Department of Food Technology and Human Nutrition (FTHN).

Dr. Ivan Muzira Mukisa (R) receives the keys to the office from from Prof. Kaaya

Prof. Kaaya’s first appointment was on January 19, 2011 while the second appointment was on July 1, 2015 and officially ended on June 30 2019.

By the time Prof. Kaaya took over office as head, the university had just turned collegiate leading to the establishment of the School of Food Technology, Nutrition and Bio engineering (SFTNB)

The handover ceremony was held at the School’s Conference hall witnessed by the Principal, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) Prof. Bernard Bashaasha, the Dean SFTNB Dr. Abel Atukwase, and other academic and administrative staff from the college and school.

Prof. Kaaya who has mentored many including his successor thanked God that the day had come to hand over the mantle to his mentee.

Using the message to the youth by Pope Francis, Prof. Kaaya said the world needs leaders who are practical more so, those who can give way to the youth because they are energetic and risk takers.

Prof. Kaaya presents his handover report

He said during his tenure, the department has had the best science graduands in the entire university for the previous two academic years, recorded an improvement for government merit entry and improved intake generally, introduced a new program – MSc. Food Safety and Quality management and graduated 5 doctorates, three of these are staff members.

Prof. Kaaya also reported that the department conducted a number of short courses, increased the research aspects with high publication rates and community engagements.

In addition, he said staff were involved in mentoring incubatees of the FTBIC and signed MoUs with different partners in research and capacity building.

“By the time I became head, the department had 2 professors (Kikafunda and Muyonga) and number grew to 4 (Kaaya and Muyanja)

I propose that we name two of our lecture theaters Dr. Agnes Namutebi (RIP) and Prof. Joyce Kikafunda in recognition of their services to the department and development of the entire university”, he said.

The participants pose for a group photo after the handover ceremony

Prof. Kaaya highlighted issues the new head should address.

These include the need to revitalize the department’s joint research and proposal writing, establishment of the department of Human Nutrition, increase the number of technical staff, develop a strategy for repair and maintenance of equipment and furniture and to work with UNBS to accredit laboratories for international recognition, and strengthening career and outreach programmes to sell the department.

To his successor, Prof. Kaaya pledged his commitment to support him and take on any assignment.

“I don’t know the way to success but I know the way to failure is to try to please everybody.

Get worried if some people disagree with you but get more worried if all people agree with you.

Let the office of the HOD remain approachable; there are certain things you may not do as head” Kaaya advised.

Incomimg Head Dr. Ivan Muzira Mukisa delivers his inaugural remarks

In his inaugural speech the incoming head Dr. Ivan Muzira Mukisa thanked Prof. Kaaya and entire staff for the growth of the department and the mentorship received pledging his support to the Dean to move the school and department forward.

“I will continue with the spirit of working together to see the school growing and I pray that we will work as one school”.

Dr. Muzira highlighted seven areas of focus as alluded to by his predecessor and his manifesto.

These include strengthening academic programmes and curricula reviews, the need to develop innovative ways of doing fund free practical, establishing the department of human nutrition, and enhancing the potential of labs.

Other areas are strengthening resource mobilization, creation of the department- industry linkages, and revision of departmental committees to ensure collective participation among others.

“I ask older generals to continue mentoring us, Don’t stop at the handover, guide me and extend this to young colleagues to leave a strong team” Dr. Muzira requested.

 He pledged to organize exhibitions and fares, involve primary and secondary schools to come, see and learn what the school does as a source of income.

“All these can’t be achieved by Ivan. I need to work with the technical, academic team. Principals and Deans to achieve success” He said.

Prof. Bashaasha making his remarks

The Principal CAES Prof. Bernard Bashaasha congratulated Dr. Ivan Muzira Mukisa and welcomed him to CAES management team.

He also congratulated Prof. Kaaya for running the office for eight years noting that it calls for hard work and sacrifice.

“I am happy because I am witnessing a generation transfer of power to the young people. This peaceful transfer is very good because we use less energy and there is no tension.

FST you are a star and the face of the college because we depend on you in regard to the visibility of the college” Prof. Bashaasha said pledging to support the incoming head as much as possible.

Article Compiled by
Jane Anyango,
Communication Officer, CAES

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