The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) is renowned for excellence in its numerous academic offerings, outstanding faculty and groundbreaking research. 16 Undergraduate programs, 18 Graduate programs, 5 Diploma programs and PhD in all fields; well stocked library, exceptional research facilities, internships; allow students to achieve their academic and career goals.

The academic year 2017/2018, a total of 759 undergaduate students were admitted to the CAES. Of these 250 were females representing 33%.

The University strategy is to continually improve the relevance of programmes offered through curriculum development and review. For the year under review, the following programmes were developed and approved by the appropriate institutional and government agencies.

  1. Master of Science in Food Science & Technology (Revised)
  2. Master of Science in Agricultural and Applied Economics (Reviewed)
  3. Master of Science in Environment and Natural Resources (Revised and approved)
  4. Master of Land Use and Regional Development (Revised and approved)
  5. Master of Science in Forestry and Biodiversity Management (Revised and approved)
  6. Master of Science Agroforestry and Community Development (Revised and approved)
  7. Master of Geographical Sciences (Revised and approved)
  8. Master of Science in Disaster and Risk Management (Revised and approved)
  9. BSc. Water and Irrigation Engineering (Revised and approved)
  10. BSc. Bioprocessing Engineering (Revised and approved)
  11. BSc. Tourism and Hospitality Management (Revised and approved)
  12. Bachelor of Geographical Sciences (Revised and approved)
  13. BSc. Forestry (Revised and approved)

The curriculum review process also identified new Programmes that need to be developed in order to address the current national and global issues in the agricultural sector. The proposed Programmes are:

  1. BSc. Animal Science and Husbandry (3 Years)
  2. BSc. Agricultural Economics (3 Years)
  3. Bachelor of Rural Economy and Cooperative Management (3 Years)
  4. MSc. Integrated Animal Production Systems (2 Years)
  5. MSc. Horticulture (2 Years)
  6. MSc. Natural Resource Economics (2 Years)

Below are the numerous programs CAES offers at all levels. Click here for detailed information about the programs.

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