Dr. Tony Obua

Assitant Lecturer,  Department of Agricultural Production, School of Agricultural Sciences, CAES, Makerere University.

Dr. Obua holda a PhD in Agriculture from Makerere University, 2022, Master of Science in Crop Science, Makerere University, 2014, and Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Makerere University, 2011.

He is passionate about Plant Breeding, genetics, and Seed systems; especially for legume crops and loves working with smallholder farmers.

He teaches courses related to plant breeding and genetics at the university; including both conventional and modern plant breeding techniques.

He is part of the research team that has so far developed six improved soybean varieties that are being grown by 94% of farmers in Uganda.

He is equally passionate about improving the yields of farmers especially those involved in soybean production. One of his key aspirations is to disseminate the improved soybean varieties developed from Makerere University to reach all the smallholder farmers in Uganda and across the East African region.

He is equally keen on community transformation through the establishment of local seed businesses (LSBs)/community seed banks that enable Makerere University soybean varieties to reach smallholder farmers in the shortest time. Download CV below.