Dear Colleagues,
2022 has been a remarkable year at CAES because leaders and all members of staff committed to pursuing the *“Innovation Intentional”* agenda. The Transformational Change Pact that was signed by representatives from all units is a clear testimony that we have a shared purpose for the direction and future of our college. I wish to remind us that we agreed to be “A College, with effective and efficient management systems, adequate supportive infrastructure and highly motivated staff, that shall productively engage with stakeholders and produce skilled, entrepreneurial, innovative and work-oriented graduates, able to innovatively respond to challenges, needs, and aspirations in the Agricultural and Environmental sectors”. *This is the lens through which we shall all be evaluated as we move into 2023* and therefore, *I implore all of us to be responsive in our quest to fulfill this commitment*.
Colleagues, *I thank you for the service-above-self attitude that you have exhibited in 2022*. Despite the limited financial resources, inadequate teaching and research infrastructure, we have achieved some milestones including;
• 7 Curricula reviewed to be innovation intentional, with enhanced content that skills for entrepreneurial green economies and incorporated learner-centered and gender-responsive delivery modes.
• Revitalized staff motivation engagements toward building a more cohesive team at CAES.
• The research and Ethics Committee (REC) at CAES approved and launched by National Council for Science and Technology.
• The Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences (MUJAES) revitalized to raise our visibility with respect to research dissemination.
• The SFEGS Botanical Garden at MUARIK launched.
• Several Academic national and international conferences were held to facilitate information exchange, increasing the visibility of CAES and networking.
• Revitalizing MUARIK to improve research and farm production for commercialization, among others.
*As we begin 2023, we shall continue to be intentional on meaningfully and significantly contributing to National and Regional Development.* This we shall be able to achieve by doing the following:
• Build synergies and strategically leverage our Private-Public-Partnerships in providing innovative solutions to National and Regional Challenges.
• Leverage the innovations at CAES, to provide products and services.
• Continue to re-tool faculty for the delivery of Innovation-Intentional, learner-centered, and Gender-responsive curricula.
• Implement practical learning at MUARIK for all 8 Departments with respect to internships, in-semester practicals, recess, and students’ research projects; and fully operationalize and commercialize the university farm.
• Generate internal resources to supplement the limited funding through subventions.
• Develop and implement an internal reward system for exceptional performance.
*I wish you a happy, fruitful, and prosperous 2023 as we build for the future.*

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