CAES Management unveils Pact to Foster Transformative Change

Management of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES), Makerere University on 9th August 2022 unveiled a Pact aimed at causing transformation at the College. The Pact presented by the Principal, Prof. Gorettie Nabanoga at the College General Assembly held at the School of Food Technology, Nutrition and Bio-engineering Conference Hall intends to cause transformation in teaching and learning, research and innovation, as well as knowledge transfer partnerships.

The Principal, CAES, Prof. Gorettie Nabanoga presenting the Pact

Prioritized actions to achieve the desired transformation in teaching and learning

  • Improving the quality of teaching and promoting practical-based training by; i) reviewing curricula to make it innovative and learner-centred; ii) retooling staff to deliver learner-centre curricula and to be more innovative; iii) lobbying for recruitment of technical staff; iv) budget prioritization for practical sessions; v) sensitizing staff on policies and regulations relevant to teaching and learning; vi) revitalizing practical training at MUARIK; vii) developing an in-house mechanism for monitoring teaching and learning; viii) improving training infrastructure; and ix) revitalizing external examination processes.
  • Improving completion rates of graduate students by; i) developing a graduate students’ management system; ii) retooling staff on mentoring and supervision of students; and iii) incentivising internal examination.
  • Staff motivation to effectively perform their teaching mandate by; i) engaging them in team building sessions, ii) promoting empathizing and feedback sessions; iii) developing a reward system for exceptional performance; iv) promoting mentorship initiatives for staff; v) supporting staff in their professional growth; and vi) promoting a conducive work environment.
  • Improving infrastructure for teaching and learning by; i) regularly maintaining the existing equipment; ii) generating resources for refurbishing laboratories and practical training sites; iii) Furnishing staff offices; iv) sourcing funding for completion of on-going infrastructural projects; v) procuring relevant state of the art equipment and specialized software.
  • Improve staff and student support services by; i) improving sanitary facilities; ii) formulation of workplace policies on health and safety, grievance management, incentives and benefits management, fleet and fire management; iii) incentivizing administrative and support staff; iv) and instituting an effective and responsive communication and feedback mechanism for administrative and support staff.
CAES Pact.

Prioritized actions to achieve the desired transformation in research and innovation

  • Innovative and demand driven research – strengthening multi and interdisciplinary research teams, operationalization of the college research and grants office and the Research and Ethics Committee, promotion of partnerships with MDAs and the private sector, creation of linkages with the existing innovation and incubation centres, and creation of innovation hubs for agricultural and environmental aspects.
  • Equitable utilization of overheads – Developing guidelines to facilitate equitable distribution of project overheads, monitoring distribution of overheads, and providing grievance redress mechanisms.
  • Efficiency in procurement – sensitizing staff on procurement policies, supporting staff to prepare procurement plans, and conduct regular performance review of suppliers.
  • Improve supervision and examination of graduate research – Pilot and scale-up the graduate supervision tracking tool, operationalize graduate students’ almanac, retool staff on efficient supervision practices, raise awareness on the existing supervision guidelines, and incentivize supervision of graduate students.


Prioritized actions to achieve the desired transformation in knowledge transfer partnerships

  • Dissemination of research and innovations in popular versions;
  • Improve college-industry partnerships;
  • Establish and support innovation and incubation centres; and
  • Make CAES a one-stop centre for information and resources in agriculture and environment.
Members of staff following the presentation

Proposals by staff

Staff welcomed the Pact and called for immediate implementation of some of the priority actions. They called for the establishment of a technology transfer desk and research coordination office in terms of Intellectual Property. They noted that patenting college innovations and recruitment of staff should be given priority. Other proposals included setting up an emergency fund to respond to natural calamities, strengthening internationalization, positioning the college to contribute to matters of national importance, involving alumni in the activities of the college, promoting experiential learning, introducing a deliberate policy on recruitment of young staff, creating linkages with policy makers, promoting mentorship teams, and fostering mind-set change among staff and students.

Members of staff at the General Assembly



An administrative staff at the College presenting her concerns 
A member of staff sharing views on how to improve services at the College
CAES Deans and Heads of Department (front row) ready to respond to inquries from members of staff
CAES staff following the proceedings
CAES Managers in a group photo after the College General Assembly

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