The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES), Makerere University represented by Dr. Donald Kugonza from the Department of Agricultural Production, hosted Prof. Curtis Youngs from Iowa State University (ISU) on 11th February 2022.

Prof. Curtis Youngs (Left) with MUARIK Staff

Prof. Curtis Youngs is an animal scientist at ISU in charge of the Kamuli Livestock Programme in Uganda. During his visit, Prof. Youngs toured facilities at Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute Kabanyolo (MUARIK) including, the Pig and Native Chicken Breeding projects, the Chicken Incubation Facility, Animal Laboratory and National Boar Stud.

He also donated equipment to the College Animal Science Lab at MUARIK to aid pig semen analysis. The equipment included: a microscope, catheters for artificial insemination, temperature gun, conductivity tester, and heater. Prof. Youngs supported Mr. Kasoro Isaac’s company Seminate  Agric Solutions Limited with startup equipment for artificial insemination. Mr. Kasoro is a former student of Animal Science at CAES. Prof. Youngs also attended presentations by interns under the service learning programme based at Kamuli District..

Equipment Donations to the Animal Science Lab at MUARIK, Dr. Donald Kugonza (second-right), Prof. Curtis Young (R) with CAES students at MUARIK

Makerere in collaboration with Iowa State University initiated a service-learning programme based at Kamuli District. Service learning is a year-long internship programme that starts in October and ends in August. The programme starts with seminars of students who just completed their studies, followed by orientation held in seven meetings every week during Saturdays of February March and April. The Service Learning Programme is aimed at improving livelihoods of rural communities in Uganda, Kamuli District. The programme focuses on school gardening to supplement school feeding and learning among primary school pupils, knowledge sharing through school teaching and other student projects within the schools and community. To be admitted for internship under the service-learning programme, students go through a competitive selection process after submitting their applications. Makerere University and ISU professors help in addressing some of the issues under the programme. The programme has benefited staff and students at Makerere University.

Article Written by Kasemiire Mariam, Web Administrator, CAES & Law

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