The BIOINNOVATE funded CONSORMIP project in full “Commer- cialization of novel sorghum and millet products for improved so- cio-economic gains in Eastern Africa” is set to end on a high note. The project was a partnership between Makerere University, Sokoine Uni- versity of Agriculture in Tanzania and Hawassa University in Ethi- opia. The project targeted to address the market gap – lack of value added convenient and nutritious sorghum and millet based products particularly instant porridge flour, puffed snacks, and complimentary porridge flour. To this end, this project commercialized the named products made from sorghum and/or millet. A lean business start-up and business incubation approaches to commercialize the product. This approach is expected to deliver tangible benefits to the target beneficiaries namely small holder farmers, malnourished children and mothers as well as school going children.

The project developed and supported SMEs in each partner coun- try as a vehicle for commercialization of the developed value added products in the respective countries. The products and spin- off SMEs are set to be launched soon at the end of project meeting to be held at Soikine University of Agricul- ture in Tanzania. This project was funded by the BIOINNOVATE AFRICA program and run 2018-2020 with As- soc. Professor Yusuf Byaruhanga as PI.

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