Prof. Noble Banadda shows the delegation from Belgium Embassy around the Mechanical Workshop at MUARIK. In a white shirt is First Secretary and Deputy Head of Cooperation at the Embassy of Belgium in Uganda, Mr. Alexandre Brecx


On 13th May 2019, the First Secretary and Deputy Head of Cooperation at the Embassy of Belgium in Uganda, Mr. Alexandre Brecx. Visited MUARIK accompanied by two guests from the Embassy.The historic visit aimed at strengthening the relationship between Makerere University and Belgium, understanding the operations of MUARIK and exploring possible opportunities for partnership in the field of agriculture as well as vocational skills training.

During the interaction with Staff from Makerere University’s Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, MUARIK and Mak Public Relations Office, Mr. Alexandre Brecx revealed that the Government of Belgium will focus on agriculture and vocational skills training as the next 5-year country programme.

“In the next country programme, we would like to focus on agriculture. Uganda has a huge potential for agriculture. We would like to partner with Makerere University to provide an important platform for students, youths and farmers to embrace the latest technologies in agricultural production,” he said.

Mr. Alexandre commended Makerere University for championing vocational skills training in Uganda. “I recognize Makerere University for its unmeasured effort to provide hands-on skill to the youth and farmers prioritizing agriculture. We acknowledge the important research undertaken by the Institution to solve farmers’ problems and the great innovations done from Makerere University geared towards improving Uganda’s agricultural sector,” he said.

Farm Manager Mr. Tweyambe Chrysestom explains to the delegation the processing feeds at the Feed Mill

The Belgium Government has immensely invested in building capacity of Makerere University staff especially in the area of Food and Agricultural Engineering and other related science subjects. According to Mr. Alexandre Brecx, every year the Government of Belgium sponsors students and staff from Makerere University to pursue their studies (graduate, postgraduate and research programmes) in Universities in Belgium.

On behalf of Makerere University, Prof. Noble Banadda, the Head, Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering and an alumnus of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium acknowledged support from the Government of Belgium that has enabled staff from Ugandan Institutions of Higher Learning to upgrade academically. He recognized the tremendous support the Government of Belgium is extending to Uganda through ENABEL to improve the agricultural sector of Uganda. He looked forward to a fruitful partnership between Makerere University and the Embassy of Belgium to Uganda that will lead to knowledge transfer in Agricultural Engineering and technological Incubation.

The delegation from the Belgium Embassy listen to students doing internship training at MUARIK.

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