Undergraduate or Graduate Level : Graduate Level

Duration of Program : 3 Years

About this Program

Master Of Science In Forestry offers advanced training aimed at enhancing knowledge and skills of graduate trainees in forestry and allied resources management, utilization and conservation of forests.Equips students with advance knowledge and skills in conducting (planning,implementation, analysis, interpretation and reporting) forestry research.
Applicants should hold a good first degree in Forestry or any of the following disciplines: Bsc (Agriculture),Bsc(Botany or Zoology) or a Bachelor of science in statistics and Economics or its equivalent.


Year 1

Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Drylands AgroforestryCFE 71034Undergraduate Level
Forest ProductsFPE 71014Graduate Level
Natural Resource EconomicsFOM 71024Graduate Level
Applied Statistics And BiometricsFOM 71014Graduate Level
Land Use Planning And Watershed ManagementFOM 71034Graduate Level
Advanced SilvicultureFBM 71014Graduate Level
Advanced Community ForestryCFE 71044Graduate Level
Agroforestry Systems, Practices And TechnologiesCFE 71024Graduate Level
Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Forestry Business ManagementFOM 72044Graduate Level
Environment ManagementFOM 72034Graduate Level
Forestry Resource AssessmentFOM 72014Graduate Level
Graduate SeminarsFNC 72014Graduate Level
Ecophysiology And AgronomyFBM 72044Graduate Level
Advanced Biodiversity ConservationFBM 72034Graduate Level
Natural Resources Project Planning And ManagementF0M 72054Graduate Level
Advanced Forestry For Rural DevelopmentCFE 72044Graduate Level
Gender Issues In ForestryCFE 72024Graduate Level
Forestry Research MethodsCFE 72014Graduate Level

Year 2

Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Tropical Forest Ecology And Management:FBN 72024Graduate Level
Natural Resource ManagementFOM 72024Graduate Level