Dr. Ephraim Nuwamanya


Department of Agricultural Production, SAS, CAES, Makerere University.

He holds a PhD in Agriculture from Makerere University, an MSc in Crop Science from Makerere University, anMBA-Management, University of Sufolk, and a BSc-Science from Makerere University. He is an academic researcher from various Agricultural Research based organizations including Makerere University Kampala, the National Agricultural Research Organisation and Kyambogo University. Currently employed as a lecturer at the prestigious Makerere University, Ephraim’s Research interests span over a range of disciplines with the main ones being plant biochemistry, plant physiology, and crop based product development, laboratory management, and student supervision and training.

Through the tenure of his duty, Ephraim has published various works in peer reviewed journals and has contributed to publication of books (4 books) covering a range of topics on sustainability of the agricultural sector. Perhaps the most interesting part of Ephraim’s career is his ability to work with teams from other scientific disciplines to achieve specific targets. This includes teams from computer science, robotics and social sciences accounting for about 25% of his scholarly works. These works include artificial intelligence in agriculture, development of high throughput disease detection tools, and working in communities to improve traditional processes and refine them for better production.

Ephraim also has leadership experience having been the lead scientist for the nutrition and bioanalytical laboratory at the National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI). He has also been the principal investigator of several projects including the Seedling wrap project funded by UK government through Bangor University, the UNCST funded project for starch modification and bioplastic production, the competitive Grants project on biodiesel production and the Mak-RIF funded project on sustainable production of coffee seedling bags. Download CV below.