Dr. Anthony Mwije

Lecturer in Crop and Horticultural Science

Department of Agricultural Production, School of Agricultural Sciences, CAES, Makerere University

Dr. Anthony Mwije (He/His/Him), is a Ugandan-born agriculturalist / horticulturalist with speciality in Crop and Horticultural Sciences. He obtained Ph.D. in Horticultural Science in 2020 at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, supported by RUFORUM member universities (Makerere and Stellenbosch) and the Carnegie Corporation of New York. He also obtained MSc. Crop Science with a bias in Plant Breeding and Genetics at Makerere University in 2015, supported by the regional programs BIOEARN /BIOINNOVATE and as well again Carnegie Corporation of New York (NGAA Project Cohort 1). The Government of Uganda funded his BSc. Agriculture (Crop Science) obtained in 2009 at Makerere University.


Dr. Mwije is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Production. With over 12 years’ experience in crop/plant/horticultural propagation and production systems, Dr. Mwije is broadly interested in finding ways on how to enhance the quantity and quality of produce at farm level especially for those growers engaging in fruit and nursery production.


Click the link below to download Dr. Mwije’s CV Dr.A.Mwije_CV_Dec2023