Undergraduate or Graduate Level : Undergraduate Level

Duration of Program : 3 years

About this Program

The programme emphasizes; problem-based; project oriented; work-based and practical/field based learning. After completion of the training, the tourism graduates should be equipped with competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) in planning, development and management of tourism, leisure and recreation resources in ways that enhance sustainable tourism and general development. The target will be to produce tourism graduates that are consciously and attitudinally oriented to practical, field, development and extension tourism work.


Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Entrepreneurship Skills DevelopmentTOU 31144Undergraduate Level

Year 1

Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Introduction To Tourism And Tourism Operations (Core)TOU 11014Undergraduate Level
East African Environment And Tourism Product Development (CoreTOU 11024Undergraduate Level
East African Wildlife Ecology ITOU 11034Undergraduate Level
Language I GermanTOU 11123Undergraduate Level
Language I FrenchTOU 11113Undergraduate Level
Principles Of TourismTOU 11054Undergraduate Level
Environment And TourismTOU 11064Undergraduate Level
Sociology Of TourismTOU 11074Undergraduate Level
Business Communication SkillsTOU 11084Undergraduate Level
Language I (Swahili)TOU 11103Undergraduate Level
Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Tourism Business OperationsTOU 12014Undergraduate Level
Introduction To Quantitative SkillsTOU 12024Undergraduate Level
Map And Photographic InterpretationTOU 12034Undergraduate Level
Foreign Language I (SWAHILI, FRENCH, GERMAN, ETCTOU 12054Undergraduate Level
Tourism And Hospitality Services Management (Core)TOU 21014Undergraduate Level
Field Course ITOU 12142Undergraduate Level
Language II GermanTOU 12133Undergraduate Level
Language II FrenchTOU 12123Undergraduate Level
Language II SwahiliTOU 12113Undergraduate Level
Principles Of AccountingTOU 12104Undergraduate Level
Tourism GeographyTOU 12084Undergraduate Level
Principles Of ManagementTOU 12064Undergraduate Level
Philosophy And Ethics Of TourismTOU 12094Undergraduate Level

Year 2

Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Conflict Resolution In Tourism DevelopmentTOU 32064Undergraduate Level
Culture TourismTOU 22084Undergraduate Level
Public RelationsTOU 22074Undergraduate Level
Protected And Conservation Areas ManagementTOU 22064Undergraduate Level
East African Wildlife Ecology IITOU 12044Undergraduate Level
Principles Of Tourism Resource Management (Core)TOU 22014Undergraduate Level
Computer Applications In Tourism (Core)TOU 22024Undergraduate Level
Tourism Analysis (Core)TOU 22034Undergraduate Level
Human Resource ManagementTOU 22044Undergraduate Level
Travel Behavior And ManagementTOU 22054Undergraduate Level
Field Course IITOU 22172Undergraduate Level
Tourism Destination ManagementTOU 22163Undergraduate Level
Consumer BehaviourTOU 22143Undergraduate Level
Tourism Systems AnalysisTOU 22133Undergraduate Level
Technologies For TourismTOU 22124Undergraduate Level
Research MethodsRHM 22014Undergraduate Level
Research MethodsRHM 22014Undergraduate Level
Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Tourism Professional EthicsTOU 21024Undergraduate Level
Foreign Language II (Swahili, French, German, Etc) -CoreTOU 21034Undergraduate Level
EcotourismTOU 21044Undergraduate Level
Development Concepts And ApplicationsTOU 21054Undergraduate Level
Aquatic TourismTOU 21064Undergraduate Level
Tourism Organization ManagementTOU 21074Undergraduate Level
Tourism Resources ManagementTOU 21174Undergraduate Level
International Tourism BusinessTOU 22153Undergraduate Level
Human Resource ManagementTOU 22114Undergraduate Level
Culture And Heritage TourismTOU 21223Undergraduate Level
Quantitative MethodsTOU 21184Undergraduate Level
Hospitality Service OperationsTOU 21164Undergraduate Level
Cross Cultural StudiesTOU 21154Undergraduate Level
Eco TourismTOU 21073Undergraduate Level
Language III GermanTOU 21213Undergraduate Level
Language III FrenchTOU 21203Undergraduate Level
Language III SwahiliTOU 21193Undergraduate Level
Food And Beverage Management ITOU 21233Undergraduate Level

Year 3

Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Tourism Communication And TechnologyTOU 31024Undergraduate Level
Accommodations ManagementTOU 31114Undergraduate Level
Project Planning And ManagementTOU 31253Undergraduate Level
Transport In Tourism DevelopmentTOU 31144Undergraduate Level
Travel Operations ManagementTOU 31134Undergraduate Level
Tour Operations ManagementTOU 31124Undergraduate Level
Foods And Beverages Production ManagementTOU 31104Undergraduate Level
Quality Management And Customer CareTOU 31094Undergraduate Level
Hospitality Operations ManagementTOU 31084Undergraduate Level
Management Accounting And Decision MakingTOU 31074Undergraduate Level
Entrepreneurial Skills DevelopmentTOU 31064Undergraduate Level
Principles Of Geographical Information SystemsTOU 31054Undergraduate Level
Rural And Wildlife Based Tourism DevelopmentTOU 31044Undergraduate Level
Sustainable Tourism DevelopmentTOU 31034Undergraduate Level
Tourism Product Development And PricingTOU 31264Undergraduate Level
Tour And Travel Operations ManagementTOU 31274Undergraduate Level
Hospitality Ethics And LawTOU 31294Undergraduate Level
Tourism Transport Management ITOU 31284Undergraduate Level
Tourism Planning And Policy In East AfricaTOU 31014Undergraduate Level
Food And Beverage Management IITOU 31224Undergraduate Level
Customer Service ManagementTOU 31223Undergraduate Level
Accommodation ManagementTOU 31194Undergraduate Level
Marketing ManagementTOU 31034Undergraduate Level
Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Urban Tourism And Heritage Sites ManagementTOU 32054Undergraduate Level
Human Resource Management IITOU 32044Undergraduate Level
Tourism Project Planning And ManagementTOU 32034Undergraduate Level
Tourism Marketing SystemsTOU 32024Undergraduate Level
Tourism EconomicsTOU 32014Undergraduate Level
Strategic ManagementTOU 32284Undergraduate Level
Sustainable Tourism DevelopmentTOU 32274Undergraduate Level
International RelationsTOU 32113Undergraduate Level
Tour Guiding And Leadership SkillsTOU 32224Undergraduate Level
Tourism Transport Management IITOU 32234Undergraduate Level
Transport Law And RegulationsTOU 32244Undergraduate Level
Research ProjectTOU 32262Undergraduate Level
Events And Conference ManagementTOU 32294Undergraduate Level
Hospitality Facilities ManagementTOU 32313Undergraduate Level
Restaurant ManagementTOU 32323Undergraduate Level
Tourism Fleet ManagementTOU 32353Undergraduate Level
Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Yield ManagementTOU 32304Undergraduate Level