Undergraduate or Graduate Level : Undergraduate Level

Duration of Program : 4 years

About this Program

The Programme aims at training a cadre of graduates to promote forest plantations as a viable investment in Uganda‟s forest sector for improved livelihoods, transformation of societies through economic growth and attainment of sustainable development (Option in Commercial Forestry); and training a cadre of graduates in the forestry extension service who will respond to the current government policy of decentralization requiring capacity building in extension services at district level; upgrade the knowledge of frontline extension workers dealing in natural resource management (Option in Community Forestry). 


Year 1

Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Forest Ecosystems And LivelihoodsCFE 12053Undergraduate Level
Forest Extension MethodsCFE 12034Undergraduate Level
Ethics In Natural Resource ManagementCFE 12043Undergraduate Level
Forest Pest, Disease And Weed ManagementFBM 12075Undergraduate Level
Forest Planning & DevelopmentFOM 12033Undergraduate Level
Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Forestry In DevelopmentFOM 11033Undergraduate Level
Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Nursery & Plantation Establishment Field OperationsFOM13024Undergraduate Level

Year 2

Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Trade In Ecosystem ServicesFOM 21043Undergraduate Level
Forest Harvesting SystemsFPE 21013Undergraduate Level
Indigenous Knowledge In Resource ManagementCFE 21063Undergraduate Level
Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Fires In Forest PlantationsFBM 22063Undergraduate Level
Forestry And Food SecurityCFE 22053Undergraduate Level
Gender And ForestryCFE 22043Undergraduate Level
Resource EconomicsFOM 22024Undergraduate Level
Theories Of Environmental GovernanceFOM 22033Undergraduate Level
Quantitative SilvicultureFOM 22044Undergraduate Level
Entrepreneurship In ForestryFOM 22073Undergraduate Level
Physical Processing Of WoodFPE 22043Undergraduate Level
Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Field Attachment For Special ProjectFFNC 23083Undergraduate Level
Field Attachment For Case StudyFNC 23015Undergraduate Level
Practical Skills In Toxicology And Pollution ControlFOM 23045Undergraduate Level

Year 3

Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Special Project ReportFNC 32085Undergraduate Level
Community Dynamics And Rural SociologyCFE 22034Undergraduate Level
Forestry For Rural DevelopmentCFE 32063Undergraduate Level
Forest Roads Planning And ConstructionFPE 32103Undergraduate Level
Forest Business Policy And AdministrationFOM 32073Undergraduate Level
Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Problem Skills In Forestry ExtensionCFE 31063Undergraduate Level
Forest Extension Case Study ReportCFE 31085Undergraduate Level
Participatory Development Of Forestry ProjectsCFE 31113Undergraduate Level
Work Ethics, Contracting & ManagementFOM31013Undergraduate Level
Forestry Business ManagementFOM 31023Undergraduate Level
Environmental Assessment Case Study ReportFOM 31035Undergraduate Level
Plantation Management Case Study ReportFOM 31045

Year 4

Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Biodiversity Conservation In Forest PlantationsFBM 41013Undergraduate Level
Human Resource Planning And ManagementFOM 41053Undergraduate Level
Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Accounting And BudgetingFOM 42033Undergraduate Level
Biomass Energy Production And ConservationFPE 42013Undergraduate Level
Forest Audit And CertificationFOM 32094Undergraduate Level