Undergraduate or Graduate Level : Undergraduate Level

Duration of Program : 3 years


Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Environmental Impact Assessment And StandardsENV 22024Undergraduate Level

Year 1

Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Introductory EconomicsENV 12064Undergraduate Level

Year 2

Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Conservation And Sustainable DevelopmentENV 21024Undergraduate Level
Soil Conservation And ManagementENV 21064Undergraduate Level
Gender And The EnvironmentENV 21044Undergraduate Level
Principles Of Environmental EducationENV 21034Undergraduate Level
Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Basic AccountingENV 22144Undergraduate Level
Principles Of Geographical Information Systems (GIS)ENV 22134Undergraduate Level
Environmental Remote Sensing And AssessmentENV 22064Undergraduate Level
Energy Use And ConservationENV 22054Undergraduate Level
Waste ManagementENV 22044Undergraduate Level
Quantitative Techniques In Environmental ManagementENV 22014Undergraduate Level

Year 3

Course TitleCourse CodeCredit UnitsLevel
Environmental Policy And LawENV 31014Undergraduate Level
Urban Environmental Planning And DesignENV 31025Undergraduate Level
Management Of Hazardous WastesENV 31034Undergraduate Level
Environmental Extension And OutreachENV 31044Undergraduate Level
Water Resource ManagementENV 31064Undergraduate Level