Assoc.Prof. Ivan Muzira Mukisa


Ivan Muzira Mukisa is an Associate Professor of Food Science, and Currently heads the Department of Food Technology and Nutrition at Makerere University. Dr. Mukisa holds a PhD (Microbiology) from Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway – 2012, an MSc in Food Technology from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Universiteit Gent, Belgium – 2007 and a BSc in Food Science & Technology from Makerere University – 2003.

Dr. Mukisa is a Food Scientist/Microbiologist with a passion for the microbiology, safety and processing of foods. His research concentrates on two main areas: the microbiology of fermented food products and development of nutrient dense foods/snacks. He has studied the microbiological diversity of traditional fermented products, probiotic potential of lactic acid bacteria and the use of locally available traditional foods to develop acceptable nutrient dense porridges and snacks for children.