Ms. Zainah Nampijja

Ms. Nampijja is an assistant Lecturer at the Department of Agricultural Production, School of Agricultural Sciences. Her research interests lies in poultry sciences, insects for feed and climate change. Her main core roles as an assistant lecturer includes but not limited to teaching, examining and supervising undergraduates students, conducting and disseminating research.

Zainah Nampijja is a certified greenhouse assessment expert, holding a certificate in EX-ACT carbon balance Tool and EX-ANTE carbon Value Chain analysis tool. She has conducted several studies on climate change in pastoral communities of Uganda among them being the analysis of Cost Benefit Analysis of climate change adaptation strategies, measurement of the resilience of pastoral communities using SHARP+ tool, and Agro-Ecological Performance measurement using the TAPE tool

She has 10 years’ experience in participatory action research, in animal sciences

In addition she has an experience of over 8 years of implementing insect technologies since her Master’s program in 2014. She has got hands on experience in breeding, production and processing of black soldier flies, first as an Msc student on INSFEED project, as an insectary manager at Makerere University, as a research associate heading the research and development department at PROTEEN LTD. She has done consultancies regarding training manual development with the International Potato Centre (CIP), Black soldier fly production manual for Hatches in partnership with Entofeed and poultry feed and feeding management manuals

Zainah has a rich experience in translation of agricultural materials from English to Luganda and/or Lusoga and Vice versa. Download CV below.