Mr. Simon Johnbright Habinshuti

Dr. Habinshuti is a male Ugandan, born on 7th April 1982. He acquired formal education, attaining First class National Diploma in Crop Production, First Class Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture, and a First class Master of Science Degree in Agriculture majoring in crop sciences.

He pursued several other trainings and acquired relevant skills in computer application skills (Microsoft office packages, Internet and communication, and data analysis packages), stable light isotope mass spectrometry, gender and HIV mainstreaming in farming activities and Commercial seed production and processing, Research writing in the Sciences, and Research and Proposal Writing in the Sciences.

He served for at least five years in the Government of Uganda Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services working with rural farmers for socio-economic transformation. Currently he is serving as an Assistant Lecturer, teaching and examining undergraduate students, supervising undergraduate students’ research projects, and conducts Research and Outreach activities. He teaches undergraduate course which include Principles of Agriculture, Introduction to Agronomy and agroecology, Introduction to Agronomy and Farming system and Crop production and Management.

He is a researcher in agronomy, particularly plant and soil interactions, plant-Rhizobia interactions, Role of Phytohormones in regulating flowering and uniformity in ripening, sustainability farming systems with an aim of maintain productivity of soils and crops which are essential in alleviating food and nutrition insecurity. Download CV below.