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Ongoing Projects

ASARECA Conservation project

Project Code: 001-ASERECA-004
Project Name: ASARECA Conservation project
Lead Researcher: Settumba Mukasa (Dr)

AquaFish CRSP Project

Project Code: 001-USAID-001
Project Name: AquaFish CRSP Project
Lead Researcher: Kasisira Levi s (Dr)

Aqua Fish CRSP Project

Project Code: 001-USAID-002
Project Name: Aqua Fish CRSP Project
Lead Researcher: Shuwu Hyuha Theodra (Dr)

AHIPA-Enhancement of Yam Bean for food quality from sy

Project Code: 001-CIP-002
Project Name: AHIPA-Enhancement of Yam Bean for food quality from sy
Lead Researcher: Tukamuhabwa Phinehas (Dr)

Agric Dean Ledger

Project Code: DEAN-001
Project Name: Agric Dean Ledger
Lead Researcher: Kyamanywa Samuel (Prof)

AGRA Soil health

Project Code: 001-AGRA-001
Project Name: AGRA Soil health
Lead Researcher: Mulumba N. Lukman


Project Code: 005-NUFU-001
Project Name: AFROALPII
Lead Researcher: Eilu Gerald (Dr)

AAU- Enhancing contribution of science & technology

Project Code: 001-AAU-001
Project Name: AAU- Enhancing contribtn of science & technology
Lead Researcher: Muyonga John (Prof)

Adopting Soyabean Varieties-RU2010GRG22

Project Code: 001-RUFORUM-010
Project Name: Adopting Soyabean Varieties-RU2010GRG22
Lead Researcher: Ebanyat Peter (Dr)


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