Assoc.Prof. Kabi

Dr. Kabi holds a PhD in Agriculture (Sandwich Agricultural University of Norway and Makerere), MSc. Agriculture (Animal Science), Makerere University in 1997, and a BSc. Agriculture, specialising in Animal Science, Makerere University in 1994. Fred Kabi is a unique animal nutritionist at Makerere University (MAK) seeking integrating livestock with ecological crop production for sustainable circular economy.

He has vast experience of public private partnerships to take MAK to communities and transforming research into tangible sellable products. Fred has worked with multidisciplinary teams of students from MAK, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Wageningen University and Ento Organic Farm Ltd. to accelerate research, innovations and entrepreneurship in ecological organic agriculture aimed at producing entrepreneurial graduates with skills informed by evidence based research but with a global perspective to solve societal challenges.

Fred is unearthing the potential of domesticating Eudrilus eugeniae earthworm as alternative sources of protein for livestock, and exploring integration of black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) into earthworm production as a way of enriching the compost with cytokinins plant growth hormones and chitinases enzymes as organic pesticide.

Fred is also working on strategies to use atomic nuclear science for food production rather than for war. This is through quantifying intake and diet selection by dairy cattle grazing heterogeneous pastures using cuticular n-alkanes and their enrichment with δ13C stable isotopes. Click to download his CV below