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Reports here provide an overview of the events that took place in CAES in the past years. The reports are structured along the thematic areas outlined in the Makerere University strategic plan 2008/09-2018/19 especially the core functions of teaching and learning, research and innovations, outreach and knowledge transfer partnerships.

You can also download other documents for study and training opportunities. These are public documents to download.

Covid-19 Vaccination

Food and Local Agricultural and Nutrition Diversity (FoodLand) project wishes to recruit a Research Assistant that will support the Lead Researchers on the project. This is to invite qualified candidates to submit their applications. Read more…

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We are very pleased to inform that the book “Assessment of Treatment Plant  Performance and Water  Quality  Data: A  Guide  for  Students,  Researchers  and  Practitioners“, written by Marcos von Sperling (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil), Matt Verbyla (University of San Diego, USA) and Silvia Oliveira (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil), published by IWA Publishing, was released. The book has a printed version and an e-book version, the latter being open access, with free download by anyone, anywhere.

70th Graduation Ceremony PhD Citations

Conference Reports

Report on 1st Great Lakes and Catchment Management Conference (1st GLACAM), 2019
Report on 2nd NARO-MAK Conference, 2018

CAES at a Glance

2017-18 Edition

CAES Quarterly Reports and Prospectus

CAES Prospectus 
Report 1: Aug 2013-Mar 2014
Report 2: May-Aug 2014
Report 3: Sept-Dec 2014
Report 4: Jan-Mar 2015
Report 5: Apr-Jun 2015
Report 6: Jul-Sep 2015
Report 7: Oct-Dec 2015
Report 8: Jan-Mar 2016
Report 9: Apr-Jun 2016
Report 10: Jul-Sep 2016
Report 11: Oct-Dec 2016
Report 12: Jan-Mar 2017
Report 13: Apr-Jun 2017
Report 14: Jul-Sep 2017
Report 15: Oct-Dec 2017
Report 16: Jan-Mar 2018
3 Year Report
Report 17: April-June 2018
Report 18: July-Sept 2018
Report 19: Oct-Dec 2018
Report 20: Jan-Mar 2019
Report 21: Mar-Jun 2019
Report 22: Jul-Sep 2019
Report 23: Oct-Dec 2019
Report 24: Jan-Mar 2020
Report 25: Mar-Aug 2020
Report 26: Jul-Dec 2020

CAES Annual Reports

Report 1: 2005-2011
Report 2: 2013
Report 3: 2014
Report 4: 2015
Report 5: 2016
Report 6: 2017
Report 7: 2018
Report 8: 2019
Report 9: 2020

CAES Schools Status Reports

School of Forestry, Environmental and Geographical Sciences Report