Research Communication Training in CAES

Rural Development, a process of improving the opportunities and well-being of rural people is of critical significance in Uganda where over 70 percent of the population still live in rural areas. Despite numerous interventions by government and various development partners, to achieve rural development, little progress has been made as the living standards indicators remain very low for most rural people. This lack of progress can be partly attributed to poorly formulated and implemented agricultural and rural development policies and models. It is generally agreed that to be effective and impactful, public policies ought to be informed by empirical evidence from qualified and trusted sources. Consequently, research evidence must be clearly and cost-effectively communicated in a timely manner to, most importantly, policy makers at the forefront of the decision-making processes. Because of weaknesses in research communication, very useful research remains grossly under-utilized. The training in research communication targeting researchers and graduate students is the first step in addressing this gap. Topics to be covered include: Evidence-based policy making, generating evidence, preparing effective executive summaries and policy briefs, among others.

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