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Bwaise III sanitation pollutants contaminate surface and ground water including Lake Victoria- Says new Mak study

Surface and underground water in Bwaise III is heavily contaminated. Dangerous nutrients from sanitation pollutants end up in L. Victoria posing a public health and environmental threat. A new study by Makerere University has revealed. Bwaise III, a

SCUSA stands for integrated approaches and strategies to address the sanitation crisis in unsewered slum areas in African mega-cities. The project is a cooperation between UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Makerere University and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). The research focused on developing criteria on how researchers and implementers can select appropriate technologies suitable for different practical situations based on what has been implemented elsewhere.


The study indicates that existing sanitation systems in Bwaise lll are unsustainable while excreta disposal facilities and solid waste collection points are largely unimproved leading to ground water pollution and unhygienic conditions. Waterborne viruses (Rota viruses, Hepatitis A viruses, Human Adenoviruses F and G) were detected in surface water, grey water and from ground water from beneath pit latrines. In addition Human Adenoviruses F and G were also detected in spring water used for domestic purposes. The widespread of pathogenic viruses pose a potential public health risk and underlines the need for sanitation improvement in slums.

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