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CAES holds Kabanyolo Field day: AIGP Andrew Sorowen says Police ready to partner with the University to enhance agricultural production and entrepreneurial skills.

The Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Sorowen has told Makerere scientists that police has land and the market but lack the knowledge and management skills to optimally utilize the resources to increase the force’s agricultural productivity.

Assist. IGP Andrew Sorowen delivering his remarks


Presiding over the Kabanyolo Field Day to mark the end of the recess term activities held on August 1st 2012, the AIGP  expressed satisfaction over the available farm machinery, student’s agricultural enterprises and technological practices exhibited at Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute (MUARIK).

“Makerere has the knowledge, equipment and management skills while police has the land and market but lacks the knowledge, so we need to sign this memorandum of understanding  soon between Makerere and police to get together knowledge and resources”

The AIGP Sorowen thanked the college for inviting the Uganda police to be part of the function saying, a lot had been learnt, “We want to cement our relationship. You have a feed mill which can mill 2000 tonnes per hour, you have a combine harvester with capacity of harvesting 30 acres per day, this is the first time to see such powerful farm equipment, so you need to help Police” he appealed.

He asked Makerere University graduates   to set up projects to help farmers in their areas of origin on grounds that many peasants lack the tips on proper agricultural practices leading to post harvest losses and income. He also cautioned the youth to desist from acts of terrorism, gambling, drug taking but to look at agriculture as a shortcut to wealth.

Ag. Principal Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Prof. Samuel Kyamanywa said the college had examined itself and introduced changes in the curriculum to response to the stakeholders needs to make students more practical through Field attachment to accustom them to the real working environment.

“In the past students learnt how it is done; now they must learn by practice. It is our hope that this will help reduce unemployment, strengthen the tale of wealth creation and extension services in the country”, The Professor said.

Ag. Principal CAES, Prof. Samuel Kyamanywa speaking

Prof. Kyamanywa said, the field day was to demonstrate the University response to government call to fight unemployment and its readiness to expand training to the youth groups in Kampala and to partner with government and private institutions to address national challenges.

“We are trying to formalize a way to work with Prisons and Police to increase productivity and help the youth to be more productive. We are hoping to develop this center to be a one stop centre to contribute to agricultural development in the country”, He said.

The function was marked by different activities and attended by high ranking officials from Uganda Police.  Other guests included different youth groups involved in agriculture and other related business enterprises from different parts of the country.

Some of the exhibitions by service learners

Guests inspected the farm machinery including the Feed mill, silos, combine harvester, and other machinery at MUARIK. They later toured student’s agricultural projects such as soil testing, compost making, vegetable plots, the poultry unit, zero tillage project, maize under irrigation, hay and silage making and tractor ploughing by female students. They were also walked through the students exhibitions mainly consisting of value added products and crafts.

                                                                                            The Combine Harvester

Left. Guests inside the Feed mill ;Right Outside seeing the silos

Kabanyolo Field Day, marked the end of Recess term activities 2011/2012. Over 100 Undergraduate students undertaking BSc. Agriculture, BSc. Horticulture and BSc. Food Science and Technology had been undergoing a 10 weeks competence based training to equip them with hands on skills ranging from production, management and entrepreneurship.

One of the female first year students demostrating the skill obtained from the recess program

This was the pioneer group of students after the college reviewed its recess term curriculum in June 2012 to enhance hands on training.  During the review it was agreed that Field day shall be part of the examinations where students will demonstrate acquired skills and share their experiences with the wider public.

Students demonstrating silage making




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