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Makerere University, Uganda Police and Prisons Services meet to draft the Memorandum of Understanding

Officials from Makerere University college of Agricultural and Environmental sciences (CAES), Uganda Police and Prisons Services have drafted a memorandum of understanding   to engage in agricultural production and productivity. The draft memorandum awaits the Solicitor General’s clearance.

Flanked by Dean School of Agricultural Sciences, Ag Principal CAES, Prof. Samuel Kyamanywa on July 6, 2012 met and discussed the memorandum with Commissioner General Uganda Prisons and officials from police at the Prisons headquarters in Kampala .

Ag. Principal Prof. Samuel Kyamanywa and Dr. Patrick Okori at the Prisons Headquarters in Kampala.


The goal of the partnership is to increase the performance of the partner agricultural units by ensuring higher returns to investments of land and other resources, guarantee self sufficiency, staff welfare and improve service delivery.

The aspirations of the Uganda police in this partnership is  to enhance  agricultural production on existing land thus require technical backstopping from Makerere University and Uganda Prisons services in terms of technical skills development for staff who will be engaged in the enterprise; access to improved agricultural technology,  farm implements and support to plan and start a demonstration farm.

Some representatives from Uganda Police attending the meeting

The Police force wants to start enterprises to improve staff welfare through small scale and medium enterprise for police families, technical backstopping and improve their mess operation including development in urban farming, business and mindset change about agriculture.

Police also seeks to support skills development to prevent crime among the youth within the context of enterprise development. This will focus on providing support to the force’s outreach community activities like awareness raising and strategic partnerships.

Uganda police further wants to add value  to their products and enhance market opportunities through processing, joint ventures and reduction of post harvest losses.

Commissioner General Uganda Prisons Chairing the meeting

The Uganda Prisons Services on the other hand also seeks to increase production and productivity by access and use of technologies for massive production, improved agricultural technology skills development, implements, irrigation and reduce post harvest losses.

The other aspirations is to expand the scope of investment by creating new enterprises for seed production and management, livestock and poultry  production; and to develop technical skills sets for staff who will be engaged in the enterprise and support rehabilitation of prisoners programmes.

The third party Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental sciences aspirations are to strengthen own capacity building programme, through the use of  other partner resources to support student internship ;  engage in strategic partnership for agricultural research in the area of land use and demonstration farms  to the communities.

The college will also provide research into the use of technologies by supporting value addition, incubation and clean seed multiplication. The college also seeks to strengthen its outreach service by supporting training and offering programmes for mindset change and technology transfer to all partners.


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