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Two Publications on Sanitation and Waste Management out

The Department of Environmental Management has published a  book titled,  Social Perspectives on Sanitation Challenge. The lead author is Assoc. Prof. James Okot Okumu. Another contribution by the department to international book publication is in the Book titled, “ Waste Management an Integrated Vision.  The author of Chapter 1 –“Solid Waste Management in African Cities – East Africa” is Assoc. Prof. James Okot  Okumu.

Assoc. Prof. James Okot Okumu showing the two books


The publications are part of the out  put of he Collaborative PhD  research project, Partnership for Research on viable environmental infrastructure development in East Africa (PROVIDE); towards  sustainable waste water and solid waste infrastructure in East Africa Cities that ran from August 2006- January 2013.   

The PROVIDE project focuses on and contributes to the improvement of sanitation and solid waste management in cities in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania). The project is developing and assessing the modernised mixtures approach (MMA) to sanitation and waste management. This approach integrates the (eco) technological, economic, social and governance dimensions of new infrastructures against the background of specific local contexts.

The two book publications

The long term objective is to help realise the Millennium Development goal of increasing access to safe drinking water and sanitation and improve the lives of slum dwellers by improving sanitation and solid waste management in East Africa via the application of the modernised Mixtures approach.

The partners include Wageningnen University -The Netherlands, Makerere University, Department of Environmental Management - Uganda, Kenyatta University – Kenya and Ardhi University Tanzania.

Other activities and output include eleven PhD projects in sanitation and solid waste management where students from the Netherlands Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Six candidates graduated.

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