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IMO – Organic Piggery Technology for improved yields at minimum costs: No smell, no noise, no treatment

Prospective farmers both in urban and rural areas will have no excuse of not harvesting money from piggery under the pretext of noise, bad odour and cost of feeding. Organic piggery, a cost effective arming system using Indigenous Micro Organisms(IMO) is the way to go.

The innovation was introduced by South Korean Professor Hong Yo Lee in 2011 at Makerere University Research Institute Kabanyolo under the theme “Mindset Change in Uganda”. Prof.  Hong Yo Lee gave students the project of Organic piggery which they have tested and proved efficient.

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The “Feed Lot” –New technology to increase beef production in Uganda

For a long time industrial and agro processing residues have never been optimally used. Many times the breweries have been struggling to dispose brewers spent grain, a by product of beer production. Crop residues like the maize stovers are always burnt and cleared off after harvesting, while sugarcane factories have been grappling how to dispose off molasses, a byproduct from sugar.

Researchers at Makerere University are now converting these waste materials into high quality feeds for livestock dubbed the “Feedlot technology.” In 2011, researchers at the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences embarked on research involving the use of industrial and crop residues in feeding animals to boost beef production in the country. The major feeds used in this program are the Maize bran, molasses, brewers spent grain from Luzira and Jinja, Maize stovers and mineral sources locally available.

Animals feeding

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Animal scientists call for a policy to protect Range lands

Animal scientist at Makerere University College of agricultural and Environmental Sciences are advocating for a rangeland management policy to protect and guide the use of rangelands.

 According to Dr. Denis Mpairwe, unlike the olden days when rangelands were inhabitable and solely used for livestock, social and economic factors have seen many of rangelands depleted and occupied for settlement and other economic gains.

 “Most livestock in the country that is goats sheep cattle are concentrated in the range land and cover 43% of the country and in Uganda the livestock contributes 17% of the GDP.  That is why we need a policy for it because it is   where we get milk, beef hides and skins and life animals for sale.” Dr. Mpairwe said.

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Prof. Elly Sabiiti joins Membership Advisory Committee of the AAS

The Governing Council of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) has nominated Prof. Elly Sabiiti to serve as a member on the Advisory Committee. This follows the Council

In a request letter to Prof. Sabiiti, Secretary General AAS, Dr. Shem Arungu- Olende indicated that Prof. Sabiiti would serve in the field of Agricultural Sciences adding that the academy was committed to streamlining and modernizing these membership development processes to make them less time consuming and deficient.

Bwaise III sanitation pollutants contaminate surface and ground water including Lake Victoria- Says new Mak study

Surface and underground water in Bwaise III is heavily contaminated. Dangerous nutrients from sanitation pollutants end up in L. Victoria posing a public health and environmental threat. A new study by Makerere University has revealed. Bwaise III, a

SCUSA stands for integrated approaches and strategies to address the sanitation crisis in unsewered slum areas in African mega-cities. The project is a cooperation between UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Makerere University and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). The research focused on developing criteria on how researchers and implementers can select appropriate technologies suitable for different practical situations based on what has been implemented elsewhere.

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Minister Nabugera visits VicRes project experimental nursery garden - calls for conservation of traditional medicinal plants

The minister of state for environment Flavia Nubugera has expressed concern over the level of environmental degradation and deforestation calling upon the public to actively participate in tree planting.

The minister was on Friday March 16 ,2012 speaking at the

The minister said she was interested in the work that was going on, particularly the aspect of tree planting and preservation of indigenous trees which are of value to society. She warned of serious environmental consequences if the environment is not sustainably used.

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