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Utilizing sugarcane industrial wastes for animal feeds and fuel: CAES makes a Milk booster and Briquettes from sugar cane molasses and trash.

Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences has made a milk booster to mitigate mulnutrion, extreme hunger and poverty through improved milk production, nutrition and improved daily cash flow among farmers. The milk booster is a new innovation involving the use of sugar cane industrial waste of molasses mixed with other ingredients like maize bran, cotton seed cake, urea, mineral salts and lime.

The project entitled, “Participatory research for technology development on use of Molasses Urea Blocks (MUB) and local feedstuff for improved dairy cattle production in Uganda”, was spear headed by Dr Fred Kabi of the Department of Agricultural production. The project started in September, 2008. The first production was recorded in December 2011.

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The briquettes as an alternative source of fuel to conserve the environment.

The college has come up with a basic technology that can be adopted at family level to manufacture briquettes using crop residues such as sugarcane tops and trash, coffee and rice husks, bean wastes, maize stalks, grass, leaves and small branches. This is aimed at reducing stress on the environment.

In addition to the sugar cane trash, other crop residues like coffee husks, rice and soybean husks have been dry distilled in a study at Kabanyolo and in combination with sugar cane molasses,  fuel briquettes have been produced. The technology of the milk booster was spearheaded by Dr. Fred Kabi, of the Department of Agricultural Production while the technology of fuel briquettes was also spear headed by Dr. Fred Kabi assisted by Azis Dara Charles a Mechanical and Production engineering Technician.


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Integrating ICT in Agriculture as an extension service to address farmer’s challenges

Makerere University Agriculture Research Institute (MUARIK), has successfully piloted an ICT-based information sharing platform that has enabled farmers in South Western Uganda access information through Mobile Phones, Radio, website, Open and Distance Learning materials for Development (ODL4D)

This is part of the effort by Makerere University to address the problem of extension services in rural and hard to reach areas. One of the biggest challenges Ugandan farmers are facing is lack of access to extension service providers who can offer the right and timely information on best agricultural practices. On average the ratio of extension service providers to farmers   stands at 1: 25000.


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US earmarks $150 million for Agriculture and Nutrition activities in Uganda, says Deputy Director USAID Mission

The United States Government has earmarked $150 million to support Uganda’s agriculture and nutrition activities in the next five years.  Deputy Director USAID Mission John Mark said, US is making a major contribution towards improving food security in Uganda through President Obama’s Feed the Future (FTF) initiative.

Deputy Director USAID Mission John Mark presenting

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Senegalese Delegation visits MUARIK

A team of researchers, extension service providers and Directors in different Universities in Senegal visited Makerere University Research Institute Kabanyolo (MUARIK) and expressed satisfaction over the research work taking place promising possible collaboration to enhance knowledge generation and agricultural productivity in Africa.

The 25 man delegation was led by Deputy Chief of Party USAID/ERA, Dr. Demba Farba Mbaye and received by CAES Principal, Prof. Samuel Kyamanywa at the Continuing Agricultural Education Centre (CAEC) in Kabanyolo on April 23,2012.

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CAES acquires a modern state-of- the art Biotechnology laboratory

Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) on April 18 ,2012 acquired a  modern state – of – the- art biotechnology laboratory funded by the  Millennium Sciences Initiative(MSI) , a grant from World Bank to Government of Uganda.

The   250 million shillings building is one of the activities to create cereal research centers under the initiative called Cereals Improvement project. The core objective is to produce cereals that are drought resistant and high yielding.

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Makerere breeds sweet sorghum variety for food and Bio fuel production

Farmers in Uganda will soon have a sweet sorghum variety that is high yielding with short maturity period and sweet stalks for the production of food and molasses for brewing waragi. Researchers at the Makerere University College of Agricultural and environmental sciences embarked on this project in 2011 with the aim of addressing the problem of food security and diversifying farmer’s income.

The breeding of resistant varieties is part of the effort by the university to mitigate the impact of climate change and enhance crop production for value added use so that farmers change from food security crops to income generation.


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CAES celebrates Kabanyolo Day

Makerere University  College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences  has celebrated  the Grand Annual Kabanyolo Day with a call on the public and all stake holders  to invest in Agriculture as a major source of livelihood  for improved food security and economic gains.

The function was organized by the third year agriculture students with the aim of bringing professionals together to share professional experience and contribute jointly to the development of Uganda.

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