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THE 2015 CAES Students Exhibition Opened by the DVC (AA) Dr. Okello Ogwang

The 2015 CAES Students two days exhibition was on 9th April 2015 opened at the Makerere University Freedom Square by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs (DVC AA) Dr. Okello Ogwang.

Dr. Okello Ogwang giving his remarks during the opening of the exhibition. Next to him is CAES student's President Najibu

This year’s exhibitions seek to disseminate and showcase the different research and innovation products of the students. The theme of the exhibition was, “Youth Innovations in Agricultural and Environmental Management: A Panacea to Food Insecurity and Expansion of Small and Medium size Enterprises in the Agricultural Sector”. 

According to CAES students’ President Najibu Kiramu said the exhibition is aimed at promoting the students products and inspire the youth to take on agriculture as a business. 

“ The exhibition will not only promote research and innovative products made by students to boost agriculture but also focus on creating and stimulating the interest of the youth in agricultural development, food processing and value addition, coupled with sustainable natural resource utilization’’. He said 

Students from the School of Forestry, Environmental and Geographical Sciences exhibited less utilized timber products such as bamboo products and handmade paper and clean energy utilization. In tourism, they exhibited Gorilla conservation and Cultural tourism while in environment, they showcased the recycling and reuse of polythene bags to enhance solid waste management. 

Some of the Bamboo products exhibited by Forestry students

From the School of Agricultural Sciences, students exhibited mushroom production and products, Beetroot production and juice making, urea molasses mineral blocks for livestock, fish farming and modern packing for smoked fish and pumpkin products.

Students explain how the Mak Soil testing kit works

A variety of value added products were showcased from the School of Food Technology, Nutrition and Bioengineering. The students also set and demonstrated various nutritional practices, diets and practically carried out tests and raised awareness on obesity, diabetes and blood pressure. 

A variety of value added products were also displayed by students

Opening the exhibition, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs Dr. Okello Ogwang observed that the exhibition focused on Youth Innovations in Agricultural and Environmental Management will create and stimulate the interest of the youth in agriculture, sustainable natural resource utilisation and environmental management. 

“I do hope that at the end of this exhibition, there will be improved and shared understanding of what needs to be done to strengthen Africa’s ability for agricultural production and sustainable natural resource utilization that will lead to economic growth”

Student explains and demonstrates some products made from banana stems

Dr. Ogwang reminded participants of the three major development challenges that plague development processes on the continent. These are: the weak and degraded human resources running our various public and private sector enterprises; an increasing population largely composed of unemployed youth that is prone to poverty, hunger and various natural and humanly instigated calamities and; a weak innovation capacity to support the transformation of economies into knowledge based ones. 

He recognized the need for an education system focused on improving agriculture and sustainable natural resource use as part of the special pillars that can deliver a better Africa. 

SAS student explains how red pepper production is a viable business


“As a University, our vision is to be the leading institution for academic excellence and innovations in Africa destined to fill the gaps and supply needed skills and competencies that our country’s human capital require to be more effective and efficient”. 

The Deputy Vice Chancellor reported that through the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the University has transformed its research and development agenda for client-responsiveness and shifted from outreach that portrays knowledge transfer to engagement and partnership with communities in Uganda to enhance agricultural development and sustainable use of natural resources. This includes farming communities for research and innovation, government and other public policy, Research and Development bodies, students, private sector, business and industrialists, civil society, regional and global knowledge centers and development partners. 

Dr. Ogwang also added that students and staff have linked with farmers, processors, and others who have adopted new technologies in areas of agro processing, animal and crop production, environment and human health, agricultural mechanisation, extension and outreach services and the promotion of sustainable use of the natural resources. 












Students pose for a photo with the DVC AA after opening the exhibition Fourth from. Left is Prof. Noble Banadda representing the Principal CAES

“A science led economic growth, driven by innovations is the critical engine that has the potential to end hunger and eventually poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. Exhibitions such as this one are the medium through which scientists and innovators present tested possibilities for the desired better Africa”. 

He recognized government efforts to actively engage the youth and creating special programmes for them focusing on agriculture and entrepreneurship. He also thanked those who made the show possible especially the organizing committee, researchers, sponsors and all participants who spared time to attend. 

Story compiled by:
Jane Anyango
Communication Officer, CAES


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