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CAES Holds Examiners’ End of Year–Get-Together Party (2015)

Principals, Deans representaive , Registrars and staff representaives cutting the cake


  • The occasion was to thank staff for successfully conducting the year’s examinations and  a time of reflection on the accomplished and non accomplished tasks as the year ends
  • The other intention was to bring staff together to interact and  know each other
  • Staff get  coupons worth Shs. 120,000 as  Christmas package
  • The Principal proposes a New Year’s resolution of Grading and Clearing backlogs of Graduate dissertations by December 2015.

The Management of the Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) has treated her staff to the examiners- end - of year get- together party, the first of its kind since the university turned collegiate in 2011.

The occasion was to thank all staff (academic, administrative and support) upon their contribution in their respective capacities towards successful preparations and administration of the examinations throughout the year.

It was also a time for staff to come together to know each other and toreflect on theaccomplished and non accomplished tasks as the year ends. CAES has multidisciplinary staff serving in different units situated in different locations on and off the main campus.

The party was characterized by short thankful remarks, dining and dancing at the Quadrangle of the School of Food Technology, Nutrition and Bioengineering and on evening of 16th December, 2015

Speaking during the celebration, the Principal CAES, Prof. Bernard Bashaasha thanked staff   upon honoring the invitation and turning up for the party. Prof. Bashaasha underscored the need and importance of organizing such fora to recognize staff and thank them for their efforts and achievements recorded despite the limited resources.

The Principal, Prof. Bernard Bashaasha addressing the staff

“It is a small way of saying thank you and providing an opportunity to get together and know each other.  We shall think through it very seriously if it can be done every end of semester”. The Principal pledged.

The Professor also provided wise counsel to staff and reminded them that in the execution of their duties as a family, stress and annoyance may occur not because of hatred but, a pointer that some issues need to be addressed.

“I think as CAES family we have done well so far and will move further”. Prof. Bashaasha commended.

The Principal also told staff that the occasion should be taken as a time of reflection on both the accomplished and non accomplished tasks.

A section of staff being served the cake

“We are celebrating undergraduate students’ examinations but the Graduate examinations are not complete. Usually graduate students’ grading lags behind and it is an area where we need to reflect upon. There are also theses and dissertations to read. Many are victims and culprits”. Prof. Bashaasha observed and went on to advise on the New year’s resolution :

“Let us reflect that all theses on our tables will be read by the end of December 2015. Let us resolve to pick it up and have backlog of results of graduate students for the last semester”. The Principal implored staff.

He thanked the party organizers for the job well done and wished staff a merry Christmas and prosperous new year.

The Deputy Principal Assoc. Prof. Gorettie Nabanoga thanked staff for the wonderful work they were doing for the university. She said, CAES was privileged because they work as a family despite the challenges within the university.

The Deputy Principal, Assoc. Prof. Gorettie Nabanoga giving her remarks

“I thank each one of you because you have contributed in your own right. Each one of you has made a contribution towards the smooth running of this university.  When the administrative and support staff went on strike, university operations were affected. A few times when lecturers go on strike, the administrative and support staffs feel it. Therefore, everyone must be thanked for the role they play in the development of the university”, Dr. Nabanoga stated.

The Deputy Principal and Principal leading stff for a dinner

The Deputy Principal wished all staff a merry Christmas and urged everyone to take their Christmas coupons. The CAES management prepare coupons for every staff worth 120,000/= as a Christmas package. With this coupon, staff can drop by Quality super market and pick items worth that money. The coupons expire on 31st  March 2016.

Speaking on behalf of all CAES Deans, Prof. Archileo Kaaya also thanked staff for their dedicated services to the university and cautioned them to be careful ahead of the political season.




Prof. Archileo Kaaya speaking behalf of CAES Deans

Prof. Kaaya observed that the current events in the electioneering campaigns characterized by violence require staff to think about themselves to avoid being victims of politics.

After the speeches the cake was cut and served, followed by dinner and dance. Departure was at leisure.

About CAES

The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) is one of the ten colleges of Makerere University. It was formed by the integration of the former Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Forestry and Nature Conservation, Makerere University Institute of Environment and Natural Resources (MUIENR) and the Department of Geography. Currently, CAES comprises three schools, i.e. School of Agricultural Sciences, School of Food Technology, Nutrition and Bioengineering and the School of Forestry, Environmental and Geographical Sciences.

The School of Agricultural Sciences has three departments (Agricultural Production, Agriculture and Natural Resource Economics and Extension & Innovations Studies). The School of Forestry, Environmental and Geographical Sciences has three departments (Forestry, Bio-Diversity and Tourism; Environmental Management and that of Geography, Geo Informatics and Climatic Sciences). The School of Food Technology, Nutrition and Bio-engineering has two departments (Agricultural & Bio systems Engineering; and that of Food Technology and Human Nutrition)

The college has two institutes that handle research. These are Makerere University Research Institute Kabanyolo (MUARIK) and Makerere University Biology Field Station (MUBFS). The college has 14 centers serving as a base for knowledge transfer partnerships.







Report compiled by:

Jane Anyango,

Communication Officer, CAES




































































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