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MUARIK Dairy Unit handed over to the contractor for rehabilitation under the AfDB –HEST project

Eng. P. Murali Krisna of Excel Construction Company and Ag. Principal, Dr. Denis Mpairwe during the hand over ceremony at MUARIK. Photo taken inside the Feedmill.

Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) has handed over the MUARIK Dairy Unit to Excel Construction Company for rehabilitation under the African Development Bank (AfDB)-HEST project. MUARIK stands for the Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute Kabanyolo.


The unit was handed over by the Principal CAES represented by Dr. Denis Mpairwe, (Chair Department of Agricultural production) at Kabanyolo on Friday 22nd April, 2016. The Director MUARIK will be the college Liaison officer overseeing the works and a link with the contractors’ and supervising consultant’s representatives.

The rehabilitation works will commence in May, 2016 and expected to take six months. The facilities are expected to be made available for full operation by December 2016.The facilities scheduled for rehabilitation include, the Milking parlour, Feed mill, Indoor feeding structure and the Calf barn.

A section of the Dairy unit at MUARIK: L-R Calf barn, Indoor feeding structure (C) and the Milking parlour (R)

Present during the hand over were Project Coordinators from the Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology including Dr. Robert Ngobi, Kiza Semu Smith and John Omeke. Also present were representatives of the Arch Design Consultants Lwanyoro Florence and Nankya Sheilla K. The Excel Construction Company was represented by Eng. P. Murali Krisna, Amuge Vyonne and Kabanda Micheal while the Works and Estates Department of Makerere University was represented by Carolyne Namutosi.

Ministry of Education representatives  Kiza Semu and Dr. Robert Ngobi (Centre) scrutinizing the project documents  during the inspection of the Dairy Unit. R is the contractor Excel Construction Company Eng. P Murali Krisna

Speaking during the handover, Dr. Denis Mpairwe said the MUARIK Dairy Value Chain is supposed to be a complete University Incubation Centre right from production to processing and marketing but there was some little deviation by the consultant from the original plan.

“For example in the Milking parlour and Calf barn, the consultant did not make a confirmation that the drainage system is part of it and yet it is the real component. The good thing is that we have agreed that there will be a review meeting about the works that are supposed to be done” Dr. Mpairwe observed.

The other concern according to Dr. Mpairwe in the Milking parlour was the need for the civil works engineers to liaise with the suppliers of the milking system so that they agree on how it will be modified. The contractor agreed that there is need to the supplier so that they can agree how the fitting will be done in the milking system.

It was also realized that although the Spray race and Silage bankers were indicated on the sketch structure and plan, they are not included. Similarly, on the Feedmill, the missing link was on the store which was mentioned at the beginning .

    The Silage bankers that also require renovation

“The good thing we saw is that the contractor is going to work on electricity which has been a big problem and silos system. The Calf barn and the Indoor feeding system is part of it but we are emphasizing the drainage and automatic water system which the contractor seemed not aware of. For me as representative of the Principal, I am optimistic that the funds provided are enough; we just need the review and the work will be done” Dr. Mpairwe said.

The Ag. Director MUARIK Dr. Herbert Talwana emphasized that the college was looking forward to the revitalization of the MUARIK Dairy Unit as a flagship research centre.

“There will be a chain working as a centre for learning and change agriculture in Uganda. For us, this investment, we are looking forward to kick-start the changing of this dairy unit into an innovation centre”. The Director said.

Ag. Director MUARIK , Dr. Herbert Talwana explaining the milking system that require replacement during the inspection

The Project Coordinator from the Ministry of Education, Sports Science and Technology Dr. Robert Ngobi said the ministry’s intention is to have a fully operational Dairy Value Chain for the university.

“This mainly goes to the consultant and the contractor. We have seen that there are gaps in the chain. So, I hope the meeting we have next week, we can come up with a way forward but our intention is to make this Dairy Value chain operational and we cannot do it in bits”, Dr. Ngobi stated.

A meeting with the CAES and Makerere University representatives, MOEST, consultants and constructor’s representatives was scheduled for Friday 29th April, 2016 where the missing links will be addressed. CAES is expected to provide the technical description of what is/was expected to be done.

The team inspecting the silos which is part of the Feedmill. In the site is the store (made of iron sheet wall and roof) to be included in the civil works

Makerere University is among the Uganda’s Public Universities and the biggest beneficiary of the African Development Bank (AfDB)-HEST 5 year (2013-2018) government secured loan. Other beneficiaries were Busitema, Gulu and Mbarara universities.

USD 29.2 million was allocated to Makerere University under which the university is to construct   two centralised teaching/shared lecture facilities and an initial office and a lecture building at MUARIK. The rehabilitation of the MUARIK Dairy Unit was fronted as a university facility. The idea was that MUAIRIK Dairy Value Chain will generate money for the University and incubate students.

The project was approved in 2013 with the coordinating Unit in the Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology. The Ministry’s mode of operation was that there must be one contractor to handle all constructions in one institution.

Excel Construction Company signed a contract on 16th December, 2015 to handle constructions at Makerere University effective 1st February, 2016. They have 18 months contract to finalize all the structures in the university.

The contractor decided to phase the construction for easier management of the resources. The intention was to start structures with bigger civil works and then smaller ones at a later stage. Excel construction Company started the civil works with the centralized lecture facilities next to CHUSS and CoBAMS.

The other project component is the renovation of nine laboratories (one in each college) and equipment of lecturer rooms and laboratories with modern instruction facilities. Two CAES laboratories (Biotechnology and East lab) are scheduled for renovation in the second phase (July-December, 2016).


Report compiled by:

Jane Anyango

Communication Officer, CAES.

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