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Makerere University Bursar Visit’s MUARIK, takes a Tour of the Various Farm Facilities and Undertakings

Mr. Augustine Tamale - the University Bursar (Left) at MUARIK in company of the Principal - CAES, Prof. Bernard Bashasha (Center) and the Director - MUARIK,  Prof. Phinehas Tukamuhabwa (Right), as the Assistant Farm Manager, Mr. Julius Ahangaana (Right background) looks on

The University Bursar – Makerere University, Mr. Augustine Tamale, on the 11th of May 2016 visited Makerere University Research Institute – Kabanyoro for a meeting with CAES and MUARIK management, and also took a tour of the institute’s facilities and undertakings.

The Bursar was received by the Principal – CAES, Prof. Bernard Bashasha, the Director – MUARIK, Prof. Phinehas Tukamuhabwa, the Finacne Team Leader – CAES , Mrs. Vianne Baguma, the Ag. Farm Manager – MUARIK, Mr. David Kintu, among other CAES staff.

Prof. Tukamuhabwa thanked the bursar for sparing some time to visit the Institute, and expressed him optimism that this was a good gesture by the University Management in helping the farm which sits on 650 acres of land to harness its full potential.

He informed the bursar that the farm currently faces numerous challenges, such as old non functional machinery & equipment, poor infrastructure, low capitalisation and human resource deficits; factors that cripple its capacity of productivity and sustainability.

The Director - MUARIK,  Prof. Phinehas Tukamuhabwa (Right) giving his remarks during the meeting


The Director also thanked the principal – College of AES for taking interest in the matters of the MUARIK and providing funding whenever it is possible, which has boosted renovation works on the farm such as repairing the farm’s water systems. The Director also noted that most of the research currently going on at MUARIK was being funded by donors, and thanked the donor community for the support, notably, the recent funding from African Development Bank which has helped revamp the farm’s diary unit and the whole dairy value chain.

In short remarks, the Ag. Farm Manager – Mr. David Kintu thanked University management for the opportunity given to him to serve, and called upon the Principal - CAES and the Bursar to support the farm as its management strives towards restoring the farm to it’s once glorious days state.

The Bursar along with the team proceeded to tour around the farm, looking at facilities such as;

  • The feed mill and grain silos
  • The Water Tanks
  • The farm’s plantations
  • The farmland’s boundaries, taking note of the encroached-on areas
  • The new forest  plantations, and
  • The piggery Unit

The team touring the water tank facilities that serve as water reservours for the farm


The Bursar - Mr. Augustine Tamale, upon concluding the tour reiterated that, the Institute had great potential in exploiting the vast idle farmlands for commercial gain. He pledged that management would make it priority to fund the farm’s activities that bring about sustainability in a phased manner.The team touring the piggery unit

The Bursar giving his remarks as the team was concluding a tour of MUARIK facilities

He also noted that it was priority to fence off the farm boundaries in its entirety so as to ensure that there are no further encroachments by outsiders, and to also provide adequate security for both the farm workers and its property. He called on the Director and the Principal to work together with the university’s legal and security offices to achieve this goal.

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