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MAK , GoU and China launch the 2016 Bilateral Training Course on Agricultural Cultivation Techniques for Rice and Millet for Uganda


                                  Participants pose for a group photo after the launch

Makerere University researchers, district extension and agricultural officers from different districts of Uganda are to be equipped with the latest techniques of cultivation with regards to rice and millet. Most of the officials are from the rice and millet growing districts including Iganga, Butaleja, Oyam, Kotido, Bugiri, Jinja, Ngora,Kaberamaido, Pader, Palisa and Kamuli.

The training dubbed, “ Overseas Training Course on Agricultural Cultivation Techniques for Uganda in 2016” was officially launched on 26th July, 2016 and will be running for 30 days till 24th August 2016 at the Continuing Agricultural Education Centre( CAEC) at the Makerere Agricultural Research Institute Kabanyolo (MUARIK).

The training will be conducted by the Chinese experts from the Shandon Foreign Trade Vocational College (SFTC) as part of the foreign –aid -training of the bilateral cooperation between the Government of Uganda and the Peoples’ Republic of China coordinated by the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development ( MOFPED) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF).

                                                                             A section of the trainees

The training was opened by the Counselor Chinese embassy to Uganda Mr. Ounyang Daobing and attended by the Makerere University’s Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance and Administration) Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe. Also Present were China’s Vice President SFTC Mr. Gao Cheng , the Director Agricultural Extension Service Madam Beatrice Byarugaba (MAAIF), The Commissioner Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development Mr. Robert Okudi and the Ag. Commissioner Agricultural Extension and Skills Management Mr. Yaka Zakayo among others.

While opening the training at MUARIK, Mr. Ounyang Daobing said Human Resources development cooperation is one of the most important ways for China to provide support to developing countries. In order to provide more targeted support, China started hosting training activities in 2015.

“The 2016 Uganda Planting Technology Overseas Training Class” is mainly providing training –related to rice and millet cultivation, as one of the China’s foreign- aid- training projects. Shadong Foreign Trade Vocational College (SFTC), the undertaker of this training activity is one of China’s most important platforms undertaking foreign –aid training with experience of more than 50 years”. He said.

                                              Counselor Chinese embassy to Uganda Mr. Ounyang Daobing opning the training

Mr. Daobing said aspects to be covered in the training include history and future of rice industrialization, millet protection and food security, development and evolution of rice cultivation, trend of rice development in the world and technology of hybrid rice. Others are, technology of standardized production of rice, rice yield monitoring, rice purchasing and storage. Other aspects are and Management, technology and problems of millet sterilization, seed production process, variety certification process, seed quality supervision, millet processing regulation, millet storage and consumption.

“During the training process, the Chinese team will also investigate the experimental fields and 30 Ugandan talents related to this field will be trained by six Chinese experts, Mr. Daobing stated.

In his welcome remarks, Makerere University’s Deputy Vice Chancellor ( Finance and Administration) Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe welcomed the training and thanked the Chinese Government for choosing Makerere as a university of their choice.

                               Makerere University Deputy Vice Chancellor (F&A) giving the welcome remarks

Prof. Nawangwe said the selected value chains of rice and millet are important to the people of Uganda.

“Millet is a traditional crop that is used both for food and drinks but compared to the 1960’s its production had dropped. Rice is a recently introduced crop that is increasingly becoming important in peoples’ diets. Both crops are very important for food security for Uganda’s fastest growing population”. The Professor said.

Prof. Nawangwe urged the participants to take special interest not only in gaining knowledge and skills from the Chinese partners but work out collaboration with the Chinese institutions that will promote research and exchange of human resources.

“On behalf of Makerere University community I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers of this training in particular the Uganda Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development, and the Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College for having chosen Makerere University as a venue for training. As a university we would like to pledge full support to this initiative and we will work to see that we strengthen it”. The DVC (F&A) pledged.


                                     A section of the participants attending the opening ceremony

Prof. Nawangwe also thanked H.E. the Ambassador Zhoa Yali for not being China’s good ambassador but also for advocating for programs that support agriculture in Uganda.

“I would like to inform our visitors that Uganda’s agriculture is varied and rich and therefore I urge the experts from China to take off time and explore Uganda beyond Kampala, the capital city to appreciate it and to have a better picture of the agricultural potential that our country has”, he added.

The Commissioner Ministry of Finance , Planning and Economic Development Mr. Robert Okudi on behalf of Government of Uganda extended gratitude for the cordial and beneficial bilateral cooperation between Uganda and the People’s Republic of China especially in sectors of Roads, Energy and Technical assistance.

“ The Government of the People’s Republic of China has been a close partner in ensuring that Government of Uganda meets part of its set targets in the National Development Plan and Vision 20140 by providing much needed support in infrastructure development. This include the Karuma and Isimbwa hydo-power stations, National Backbone and E- Government project Phase I and II, Rehabilitation and Upgrading of the Entebbe International Airport Phase I and the Standard Guage Railway line (Malaba- Kampala-Mirama Hills)”. The commission said.

                                                 Mr. Robert Okudi (R) speaking during the opening ceremony

Mr. Okudi further said, on top of the above financial assistance, the Peoples Republic of China has been providing Technical assistance in form of training opportunities for government officials in China on yearly basis. He reported that during the planning for the training calendar of FY 2016, it was agreed that the training opened today be carried out in Uganda.

In 2015, the Chinese President Xi Jinping attended several important bilateral diplomatic activities including the Asian-Africa Summit for the 60th Anniversary of Bandung Conference, the 70th session of the United Nation as General Assembly and the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China –Africa Cooperation and announced a series of talent training measures.

                                      Vice President, SFTC  Mr. Goa Cheng delivering his speech


China will provide 6,100 projects of these, 100 will be for poverty reduction, 100 for agricultural cooperation, 1000 Aid for trade, 100 ecological protection and climate coping. In addition, China will provide 100 schools and vocational centres, 120,000 trainings in China and 150 scholarships and also train 500000 technicians.

In 2010-2012 China hosted 1951 training classes for officers, technicians and in-service staff, and trained 49148 talents for other developing countries.

                                                      Some of the trainees  from different districts attending the opening ceremony


Report Compiled by;

Jane Anyango

Communication Officer, CAES.

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