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MAK-CAES in the process of partnering with NAADS to support the implementation of Government’s Agricultural Transformation Program

The Government of the Republic of Uganda, through the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) is in the process of signing a memorandum of understanding with Makerere University, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (MAK-CAES) to pursue its broad agricultural development objectives of diversifying and modernising agricultural production, and enhancing agro processing, marketing and exports, to achieve self-sufficiency in food and improve the well-being of the rural population, and being cognizant that agriculture is the backbone of the National economy.                  

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Research Opportunity: Theme - Enhancing productivity of traditional goat Phenotypes among small holder farmers of Uganda

In Uganda, approximately 40% of the rural households rare goats as an important socio-economic activity. Unfortunately, due to the increased expansion of crop agriculture and settlement, areas under browse production for goats have reduced resulting into diminished goat productivity. One way of increasing goat productivity is through improvement in available feeds. However because of the varied nature of Uganda’s landscape and the presence of different breeds, it is difficult to design an all inclusive feed regime for the entire Uganda.

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Plantwise 2014 program concluded, new plant doctors and nurses trained.

Makerere University students at the front line

Experito Mayanja Kabuga, Paul Onyait and Paul Mugisha are third year students under the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Program at Makerere University who graduated as “plant doctors” in July 2013. These three represent a team of students who have run a plant clinic for farmers in Busukuma sub-county under the guidance of the sub-county extension agent, Mr. Ronald Kavuma and Mr. Gerald Kyeyune, the Practicals Coordinator in the Department of Agricultural Production. 

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