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Genetic effects of inbreeding on harvest index and root dry matter content in cassava


Inbreeding of predominantly cross-pollinating crops is expected to result in progeny with reduced fitness and or improved phenotypes. The effects of inbreeding in cassava are not well quantified. Accordingly, in this exploratory study, S1 progeny from six cassava genotypes were examined for two agronomic traits harvest index (HI) and root dry matter content (DMC). With introduction of inbreeding, an average HI reduction of 36% was recorded when six non-inbred parents were compared to the S1 progeny. Similarly, an average DMC reduction of 13.2% was observed with cassava inbreeding. Thus, with inbreeding, highest reduction was observed in HI as compared to DMC.

Key words: Inbreeding depression, Manihot esculenta, S1 progenies

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