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Estimation of pollution loading into Lake Kivu Basin


This study aimed at estimating sediment and nutrient loading into Lake Kivu from River Lwiro micro-catchment in Eastern DR Congo. Total Suspended Sediment (TSS), Total Nitrogen (TN), and Total phosphorus (TP) concentration, and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) were measured weekly for one year. In addition, TSS, BOD, TP and TN loads were estimated from the water flow. The BOD peaks were observed in September, November, April and July, with a relative high value in November. TSS concentration was highest in August and lowest in October. Peak discharge was observed in May. TN
concentration was highest in February and April, while TP concentration was highest in May and lowest between August and October. TSS and TP loads had their highest peak in May while TN load was highest in February. These findings suggest that high sediments and nutrient loading coincide with the state of the cultivated land at the start of the season.
Key words: Lake Kivu, loading, pollution


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