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Food Tech and Human Nutrition

The Department has the mandate to develop human resources, generate knowledge in Food Science Technology and Nutrition It also has mandate to ensure linkages to markets through its incubation plant. The programmes implemented by this department include: BSc Food Science and Technology, BSc Human Nutrition, BSc. Food Processing Technology and BSc. Conservation Forestry and Product Technologies. The graduate programmes include, MSc. Food Science and Technology, MSc Human Nutrition and PhD in Food Science and Technology. The Department has strong linkages with Norwegian University of life Sciences, NORAD, EU, Mcknight Foundation, FAO, UNDP and others. There are good linkages with other local institutions like such as Uganda Industrial Research Institute and Uganda Manufacturers Association. The Department links with other African Institutions e.g. Sokoine University of Agriculture, Jomo Kenyata University of Agriculture and technology, USAID under the Collaborative Research Programmes (CRSP) and University of Pretoria - South Africa.


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