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Mak Don Optimistic About New HIV/AIDS Drugs, Says It Will Reduce Dependence on Donor ARVs

Makerere University don has expressed optimism that Uganda can develop her own HIV/AIDS drugs and reduce reliance on donor ARVS.

Addressing a media conference at Makerere University Prof. John Tabuti said, elsewhere in West Africa medicinal plants were evaluated to be effective in killing the HIV virus with a few shortcomings that require further research to combat the HIV/AIDS scourge.

He said they are working with traditional healers and have identified some of the medicinal plants locally available in Uganda which are effective in the treatment HIV/AIDS.

E.D Ruforum Excites Primary Pupils

Over 145 pupils and teachers from Nalango and Turbur Primary school from Kamuli and Soroti districts on October 17th 2011 visited Makerere University and hosted overnight courtesy of the Executive Director RUFORUM Prof. Adipala Ekwam. The two schools in 2009, engaged with the Department of Agricultural and Rural Innovations in a study to investigate the potential of school gardening to mitigate short-term hunger and its effects on schooling in UPE schools in Eastern Uganda, with a grant from RUFORUM. During the school field days organized between 18th and 19th July 2011, the school and the communities expressed the need for pupils to visit Makerere for exposure and motivation that they too can make it to the Ivory tower.

New Ugandan Cassava Virus Discovered

A new Cassava Brown Streak Virus code - named, While defending his PhD, Mbanzibwa told panelists and the public that Uganda

Mak's John Quinn's app tackles cassava mosaic spread

Smartphones could radically speed up the process of producing a nationwide map on plant health and bug infestation. John Quinn, CIT, Makerere University in Uganda has developed an appthat workers can use to record the severity of the crop disease.

According to an article published by the Newscientist 8th October 2011, the report from the field is linked to the GPS coordinates on the phone and uploaded within minutes to an online map. An algorithm then extrapolates the information across the country.

Workers can also use the phone's camera to take a photo of whiteflies- which spread the African cassava mosaic virus- on the underside of a leaf. Software on the phone then counts the number of bugs.

The software can also estimate the degree to which cassava is infected with other diseases by analysing images of yellow, diseased leaves.

The pilot project, set to begin this month, will involve trained survey teams, but Quinn hopes that untrained farmers will be able to use the app in the future. 

Click here to view the extract.

MUCAES Principal Urges Freshers to Utilize Knowledge and Skills to Solve Societal Problems.

While addressing first years at the School of Food Technology, Nutrition and Bioengineering, Prof. Kyamanywa reminded freshers that gone are the days when public service was the sole employer and so are the limited opportunities for employment. He expressed the need for the students to embrace practical learning, change the current attitude and education system of cram work where students pass with distinctions and end up to be a burden to society.

Mak Chancellor Appeals To Government For More Affirmative Action For Scholarship For Girls In Northern Uganda.

On average a parent or guardian requires a minimum of two million Uganda shillings for a semester for private scheme at the Makerere University. This is unaffordable especially for rural communities whose meager incomes cannot support their sons and daughters to access higher education.

Two CAES Students awarded PhDs at a Special Graduation.


The two CAES students (Mwiine Norbert Frank & Nyadoi Priscilla)who attained their Doctors of Philosophy Degrees

22nd July was yet another historical day for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences when two students attained their Doctors of Philosophy Degrees. The principal of the college Prof. Samuel Kyamanywa presented the students for the awards at a special graduation ceremony held at the universities main building.


Prof. Samuel Kyamanywa presenting the students for the awards

Mwiine Norbert Frank was awarded a PhD in Environment and Natural sciences after researching on foot and mouth disease, a devastating disease of both livestock and humans. Supervised by Dr. William Olaho - Mukani and Dr. Kirsten Tjornehoj, Mwine investigated on the serotype specificity of antibodies against foot and mouth disease virus particularly in cattle in different geographical localities. He identified foot and mouth disease virus antibodies against serotype A, SAT 1, SAT 2 and SAT 3, a strong indication of these causative agents. The results have implications on foot and mouth and diseases. Another PhD in Forestry was realized from Nyadoi Priscilla. 25 graduates were also presented for the award of Masters in different disciplines including Applied Human Nutrition, Crop science, Soil science, Plant breeding and Seed systems, Environment and Natural Sciences and Agro forestry.

CAEC Promotes Marram Bricks and Bio-Gas Technology.

The first conference to promote the new technology of making Interlocking Stabilized Soil Bricks (ISSB) has been concluded at Makerere University Continuing Agricultural This will go a long way to reduce over dependence on natural environment for charcoal and firewood for fuel and brick burning, one of the serious environmental problems developing countries are grappling with.


Participants during the African Biogas partnership programme Training workshop

With current scarcity and inflation, the situation has worsened when low income earners can longer afford to meet the rising cost of electricity, firewood and charcoal for cooking and bricking burning. It is in this light that Makerere University Continuing Centre for Adult Education (CAEC) with partners convened

IOWA State Proffessor hails CAES for unique USA

Students from IOWA University successfully completed the five week internship programme after working with the farming communities in equal measure with the usual schools program in Kamuli district. The college received 12 students from the USA on 9th June who joined Makerere students in the bi-national internship programme. A total of 12 Makerere students were involved in the 10 week Field Attachment to the Service Learning Program in Kamuli.


IOWA State University Professor Gail Nonnecke

The bi-national (Uganda-USA) multi-disciplinary team convened at the School of Agricultural Sciences in a seminar to show case the experiences and results from different projects including Agro forestry, Sanitation an Health, Nutrition, Bee keeping.

CAES Staff wins the first Africa College Prize.

CAES staff, Prof. Moses Tenywa has made the college proud by bringing the First Africa College Prize. Prof. Tenywa is Director Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute Kabanyolo



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