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Department of Agricultural Bio systems engineering gets new head

Prof. Noble E. Banadda is the new head department of Agricultural Bio systems engineering (DABE). This is one of the two departments that constitute the School of Food Technology, Nutrition and Bio engineering.

Outgoing head Assoc. Prof. William Kyamuhangire handed over the instruments of power to Prof. Noble Banadda at a hand over ceremony presided over by the Ag. Deputy Principal Prof. Frank Kansiime at the school premises on February 28, 2013.

Assoc. Prof. William Kyamuhangire hands over the instruments of power to the new head, Prof. Noble Banadda


In his handover speech, Dr. William Kyamuhangire   said   the hand over follows  a call for nominations for the position of head in November 2012 for which one candidate Noble E. Banadda was successfully  nominated and appointed to the position starting February 1st 2013.

Highlighting on the history, progress, programs, student enrolment, staff establishment and infrastructure in the department Dr. Kyamuhangire noted that 50% of the academic staff  had PhDs  and implored the incoming head to encourage the rest to take advantage of the available opportunities to further their studies.

He also urged the new head to closely monitor the teaching and learning to ensure that students are offered adequate teaching and also sreamline the management of staff at MUARIK.

Dr. Kyamuhangire also informed his successor that there were programs in the pipeline namely BSc. in Water and Irrigation engineering and BSc. Bio process engineering before quality assurance that will require his follow up so that they can be approved by next academic year.

He also said as new head will be representing CAES to the Estates and Works Committee to guide the University council on matters of infrastructure, planning, development and maintenance.

In his acceptance speech, incoming head Prof. Noble E. Banadda expressed appreciation for the privilege bestowed upon him describing it as a big responsibility, a historical one in his life that comes with a lot of expectations.

Ag. Deputy Principal - CAES Prof. Frank Kansiime (left), a guest and the Human Resource Officer - Ms. Kevin Nabiryo (right) at the function

Reflecting on how the department evolved and challenges of the time, Prof. Banadda thanked the outgoing head for accepting to carry the responsibilities besides other roles, his willingness to delegate duties  and  steering the department for the last two years.

He thanked the School Dean Prof. John Muyonga and other staff  for being so instrumental and supportive during his temporary service since 2006.

“ I will share my vision with colleagues in the department. My target in the next four years is to make the department visible, competitive and comparable to other departments”. Prof. Banadda pledged.

He also promised to put measures in place to ensure everybody delivers and to work towards   building the capacity of staff to be able to write leading projects. He also pledged to give targets, revive workshops and arrange a meeting with staff and outgoing head to forge a way forward for the department.

“I promise not to let you down and I will do my best. I am an early bird, I will be here very early and leave late. I will always consult and work with you”. The professor pledged.

He also said he would arrange a meeting  the students and student leaders as a good opportunity to understand their issues.


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