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CAES Substantive Principal Prof. Bernard Bashaasha Takes Over Office.

  • Thanks former leadership for steering the college system
  • Reiterates his campaign promises of transparency and humility
  • Calls for unity to address CAES Challenges

The former Ag. Principal CAES Prof. Samuel Kyamanywa handed over office to the Substantive Principal Prof. Bernard Bashaasha on August 1, 2013.  The handover ceremony was moderated by the Deputy Principal Dr. Gorettie Nabanoga at the conference hall, School of Agricultural Sciences. It was attended by the college and university staff including representatives from the Directorate for Internal Audit and that of the Human Resources.


Outgoing  Ag. Principal Prof. Samuel Kyamanywa presented a 27 paged handover report with 15 Appendices. Both the Outgoing and Incoming Professors  stood up and exchanged  instruments of  power  including  eight documents namely; the  document from the  Esella retreat (31st May-2nd June, 2011), document for the proposed relocation of the college  to Kabanyolo (dated Feb 2012),  a report on CAES Major Achievements (2005-2011) and a copy of the Makerere University budget 2013/1014.

Other documents were the CAES Technologies and Innovations catalogue 2013, a copy of the College Statute of 9th March 2013, the Makerere University Organizational Manual and a copy of Makerere University Research Manual. There was also an exchange of office keys, two electronic gadgets, a file with two TOTAL fuel cards, hugging and switching seats.

 In his remarks, the incoming Principal Prof. Bernard Bashaasha described the moment as an important milestone in the history of CAES.  He thanked the outgoing Principal for steering the college at the time of the university transition from the faculty system into collegiate.

“I thank the outgoing Ag. Principal for his leadership and for laying the foundation of the college on which I promise to continue to build. I also thank the previous leaders for their contributions.” Prof. Bashaasha said.

Prof. Bashaasha  thanked God for the opportunity to serve and reminded those present that all leadership comes from God. He pledged to serve and work together with everybody to address CAES challenges.

“I realize the gravity of the challenges ahead of us and I consider serving as your Principal as servant ship that I accept with humility. I thank you for turning up in big numbers. I had not seen such large numbers at previous handover ceremonies.  I am greatly humbled by your presence and your interest in the affairs of their college”.

Prof. Bashaasha reiterated  CAES potential in terms of immense and talented human resources, physical resources and infrastructure, current national development needs and the strategic position of agriculture, forestry, the environment and food in the African and   the global economy.

He pledged to be a Principal for all and implored all staff to join hands to build a better CAES saying, the door to the Principal's office is wide open for business or a chat.

 “I extend an open hand to all-those present and those absent. I ask that we should all focus on the future of the college with optimism.  The college has a number of challenges that can only be successfully addressed by us working together. We need each other now than ever before.” The professor appealed.

Prof. Bashaasha reiterated his campaign promises of transparency and humility and promised to be guided by them to move forward. He reminded members that he does not know how to pretend and requested all to revisit his manifesto-drawing attention to the abridged version.

He noted that his starting point will be the improvement of academic standards, consolidation of research achievements, improvement of staff welfare and implementation of a decentralized college management system.

Prof. Bashaasha also said that a team from the Principal's office would be drawing up a plan to visit all departments of the college, followed by visits to schools culminating in a college level meeting. These initial meetings would be intended as opportunities for familiarization, permit exchange of ideas and opinions on the way forward.


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