MAK Professor Elly N. Sabiiti gets an Authorship Award shortly after acquiring a life title of, “Fulbright Scholar”.


Prof. Elly Nyambobo Sabiiti posing with the plaque he got in recognition of his authorship of the most used agricultural books utilised  in secondary schools and colleges in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.


The Uganda Text book - Academic and Non-fiction Authors Association (UTANA) in partnership with the Norwegian Non-fiction writers and Translators Association has recognized Prof. Elly Nyabombo Sabiiti for publishing agricultural text books that are mostly used  in Secondary schools and Colleges in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

“They ranked my books as the best and I got the award. They had a workshop at Silver Springs Hotel in Bugolobi  Kampala, two weeks ago and asked me to bring the three books and receive the award for 2016,” Prof. Sabiiti said.

The veteran Professor was given a plaque in recognition of his exemplary academic and non-fiction authorship for the books titled, “Agricultural Principles and Practices for Secondary schools and Colleges” on 5th October 2016.


In 2010, Prof. Sabiiti authored three books published by Fountain Publishers that are not only utilized in educational institutions but also by farmers who have found them useful. The three agricultural books are on Crop production, Animal Production and Farm Structures and Machinery.

“They did research and found out that the three books are highly utilized among the many books published by Ugandan authors. The books made more impact in colleges and universities in Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda”, Prof. Sabiiti said.


The three books that were authored by Prof. Sabiiti in 2010 and recognised in 2016

According to Prof. Sabiiti, the demand for the three books is high and the stocks in the bookshops have been exhausted. Fountain Publishers have placed a new order for the books.Prof. Sabiiti advises that:

“Ugandans should publish for our own institutions and not rely on foreign writers”.

Prof. Sabiiti is a long serving professor   in the Department of Agricultural Production who has served Makerere University for over 30 years. He has on several occassions been recognized at national, regional and international fora  for his outstanding professional performance in academics, research and service to communities.

This year (February, 2016) he attained a new life title of, “a Fulbright Scholar”. Prof. Sabiiti got the title after competing for a research grant, won it and went to Ohio State University in the United States and conducted research on curriculum reform and development in his courses.

The title, “Fulbright Scholar”, is given to outstanding persons. It is given high recognition and is run by the US Government unlike others that are given by foundations.

“I went to the US in November, 2015 and finished my research in February, 2016. Part of the benefits from the title is that, while there I got a social security card that makes it easy for me to back. My data was captured and I can therefore access US facilities and services. I will remain a Fulbright scholar for life.” Prof. Sabiiti said.


In July 2016, Prof. Elly Sabiiti received a letter enclosed with the certificate from the Executive Director Institute of International Education and Council for international Exchange of Scholars acknowledging his participation in the Fulbright Program.

“This certificate recognizes your incorporation into a global network of over 360 Fulbright scholars, teachers and students from the United States and some 160 countries”, Part of the letter reads and says:

“It is our sincere hope that your grant was productive and meaningful experience both professionally and personally as well as for members of your family who were able to join you. One of the highlights for those of us whose working lives are devoted to the administration of the Fulbright program is the opportunity to read your reports and learn about the ongoing impact of your experiences a Fulbright grantee”.

In the letter, the Director expressed hope to remain in contact with Prof. Sabiiti and to continue seeing benefits from his research and teaching resulting from activities under the Fulbright grant.

Report compiled by:

Jane Anyango,

Communication Officer, CAES.