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NARO-MAK Joint Scientific Conference 2018

National Agricultural Research Organisation and Makerere University, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (NARO-MAK) are organising yet another Joint Scientific Conference slated for 12-15 November, 2018 in Kampala.

The conference will provide for presentation of keynote and scientific papers, and success stories. Additionally, it will accommodate exhibition of technologies, innovations, products and information materials emanating from research and related development programmes. Lead papers will be presented by persons with wide experience on topical issues of concern in relation to the theme in order to stimulate discussions that will lead to drawing recommendations. The four-day conference will therefore consist of keynote addresses, thematic panel and group discussions during plenary sessions, well as parallel break-out sessions. Emphasis is to be put on evidence based interventions for enhancing food and nutrition as well as incomes. It is expected to bring together stakeholders in all fields of agriculture, nutrition and public health, and innovations in the broadest sense, to exchange ideas and promote advocacy for appropriate solutions. These include, but are not limited to researchers, academia, producers, processors, marketers, consumers, policy makers, extension workers, development partners, financial institutions and leaders, whether in the public or private sector.

This year's conference is anchored on a theme "Research for Innovative Agri-Food Systems and Nutrition".


1. Advances in agri-entreprenuerchip and value chains

2. Innivations in post-harvest, nutrition and food safety managment

3. Climate smart agriculture, resilience and the environment

4. Enhancing plant and livestock production systems



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