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CAES presents 18 PhDs and the best performing student in sciences during the 68 Graduation ceremony


Dr. Karubanga, Dr. Ssebagala Lusiba and Dr. Narisi Mubangizi celebrating

  • Chancellor calls on Africans to fight colonialism, neocolonialism and slavery
  • Vice Chancellor announces the decentralization of issuance of transcripts at colleges

Makerere University 68th Graduation Ceremony kicked off on  the 16th January, 2018  at the  University Freedom Square with presentation of 2,425 graduands from three colleges of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES), Natural Sciences( CoNAS) and that of Education and External Studies (CEES).

The CAES  presented a total of 808 graduands.  Of these 18 PhDs out of the overall university total of 71 PhDs - the  highest and record breaking number the university has so far graduated in a single college.  

The college also presented 112 Masters, 675 undergraduates and 03 Post Graduate Diplomas.

In addition, the CAES presented the  best performing student in Science with  CGPA of 4.94.  

Mr. Odongo Brian Boniface, a Bachelor of Science student in Food Science and Technology, in absence  scooped a prize of a plaque and One million shillings.


Mr. Odongo’s  prize was handed over by the Chairman Makerere  University Convocation  Dr. Tanga Odoi  through the Makerere University Vice Chancellor to Principal CAES Prof. Bernard Bashaasha.

Prof. Bernard Bashaasha receiving Odongo's prize from Prof. Ezra Suruma

The   graduation ceremony was presided over by the Makerere University Chancellor, Prof. Ezra Suruma, and  will be taking four days from 16th-19th, January 2018.

This year 2018, a total of fourteen thousand, eighty five (14,085) students will be awarded degrees and diplomas ofMakerere University in various disciplines. Of these, 71 will receive PhDs, 996 Masters Degrees, 96 Postgraduate Diplomas, 144 undergraduate diplomas and 12,778 Bachelor’s Degrees with a total of 403 students attaining First Class Degrees in  different disciplines.

In his address, the Chancellor Prof. Ezra Suruma reminded the congregation to be more sensitive bout African conditions.

Prof. Suruma noted that the dignity of African nations and African people in particular, was being openly and  blatantly attacked and abused.

Prof. Suruma pointed out that Africans who cannot find employment at home have been facing inhuman conditions and death in their attempts to inmmigrate to other continents.

The Professor expressed the need  to create enough employment at home to avoid facing humiliation and death on the high seas and foreign countries.

“ Time for complacency in Africa is over. Every African has the duty to slaver, colonialism and neocolonialism. No one should think that these are just words. They are real forces that threaten the present and future  of African people. Everyone, without exception, has the duty to protect the dignity and life of our country and our continent”, Suruma urged.

The Chancellor applauded the university staff for conducting  cutting edge science and urged them  to conduct  research  that has relevance and beneficial impact  on the people of Uganda.

Part of the CAES PhD bumper harvest

“Please  focus on research  that helps our  people to improve their incomes, their health, their food security and their resilience in these times of environmental uncertainty. The knowledge is desperately needed today”, Prof. Suruma advised.

Prof. Suruma thanked the families, friends and communities for supporting the graduands through the many years of toil and sorrow and finally enabling them to reach  this victorious moment.

“It is my humble prayer to you graduands that as you move to the next stage of life, you will reciprocate what your parents and guardians have done.

Please be generous givers and compassionate neighbors who seek to improve your communities, nations and the entire world”, The Chancellor advised.


Prof. Ezra Suruma

In a special way, the Chancellor applauded graduates of agricultural and environmental sciences saying,  society looks forward to them for improved production and productivity and sustainable use  and protection of the environment.

“Agriculture remains the major employer of our population. We desperately need good extension services to improve the incomes of our vast rural population”.

Prof. Suruma   also recognized and applauded the support of the Government of Uganda, development partners and all stakeholders of the university for the financial contributions that have enabled the institution to maintain its role as a leading regional and global university in teaching and learning, research and innovation.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe congratulated graduants and their  parents upon this noble achievement noting that their time and resources invested have paid off.

 Prof. Nawangwe commended members of staff graduating with PhDs and Masters and those who were promoted to various positions saying,  this, will boost   the university academic profile.

Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe

Nawangwe thanked the Government of Uganda and the development partners who have supported the university through the years. He highlighted a number of achievements registered by the university  over the last one year.

He disclosed that in an effort to ease service delivery, the University Central Management has decentralized the issuance of Makerere University academic transcripts.

“I am happy to report that all students that have fulfilled all the requirements for graduation can now pick their transcripts from their respective college registrars.

University management continues to work closely with student leaders to improve relations between the two bodies in an effort to reduce strikes, hooliganism and also open channels of communication”, Prof. Nawangwe said.

The Vice Chancellor also reported that the university recently instituted a Students’ Disciplinary Committee, which will hear cases of indiscipline. He urged all our students to read and internalize the rules of regulations of the university.

In an effort to improve student welfare, Prof. Nawangwe said, management has established a forum which brings together owners of private student hostels. This , he said is intended to improve security and living conditions of our students.

CAES graduands attends rejoicing with her baby

The Vice Chancellor also highlighted a number of achievements in research and innovation, infrastructure development and resource mobilization among others.

They include the acquisition of the two World Bank Grants worth $12 million for two Centres of Excellence in CEDAT and CAES; benefits from the AfDB-HEST funded project through a loan to the Government of Uganda where two central teaching facilities, with a total area of 12,000 square metres have been built and  re-construction of all our major roads under the Makerere and KCCA MoU.

The Vice Chancellor enumerated the ongoing and lineup projects for implementation including the rehabilitation of  the sports facilities in the university to host the 3rd World Universities Netball Championship, which Makerere will host in September 2018; renovation of sanitation facilities in the halls and colleges; the construction of a perimeter wall and attracting investments on her prime land using the Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode and the fundraising drive under the Makerere University Endowment Fund (MakEF) –to construct the  Students’ Centre.

He also said, Management of Makerere University recently witnessed the handover of the Visitation Committee report to the President and instituted a committee to study the recommendations and provide feedback. This feedback he said, will feed into the government White paper. Management will in the meantime implement some of the immediate recommendations.

To curb the vice of late submission of student results, The Vice Chancellor reported that the university has adopted a policy of centralized marking.

“Each college will have a room where scripts are kept and lecturers will be expected to mark in that room and leave all scripts there. This will help reduce delays in submission of results and also minimize loss of student scripts”. Nawangwe said. 

Prof. Nawangwe also announced that during this 68th Graduation ceremony, Mrs. Winnie Madikizela Mandela will receive an Honorary Doctorate of Laws of Makerere University in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the liberation struggle of South Africa and Africa at large. He warmly congratulated Mrs. Winnie Madikizela Mandela upon this achievement and welcome her to Makerere University Convocation. 

On specific college achievements, the Vice Chancellor  noted that

the CAES under the “INSFEED” project undertook research to prove that insects (blue flies and worms) can be used as an alternative source of protein to replace silver fish for the production of poultry and fish feeds.

Prof. Nawangwe also reported that the college released a new variety of soybean (Maksoy 6N) to the public that is resistant to soybean rust disease and harsh conditions. The variety is high yielding, early maturing with high protein and oil content. This is the sixth soybean variety released by Makerere University since 2004.

 He further said an Agricultural Appropriate Technology Research Center and a Solar powered drying Machine worth $ 100,000 USD was launched at Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute, Kabanyolo with support from the KoreaIntellectual Property Office and Korea Invention Promotion Association. The solar dryer will be utilized to dry animal feeds mainly cereals like maize and soybean.

Some of the PhD  graduands Narisi Mubangizi, Ssebagala Lusiba and Losira Nasirumbi congratulating one another

Dr. Gabriel Karubanga being confered upon  a PhD

Some of the undergraduate students celebrating in freedom square

Report compiled by;

Jane Anyango,

Communication Officer, CAES 



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