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Call for transnational research for ARD now open.

Launch of a call for transnational research for ARD

This is to inform that a transnational call for Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) is now open.

The theme of this ERA-ARD II Transnational Call is:


Some of the members of the ERA ARD II Consortium (see have decided to provide funds for the first ERA-ARD II Transnational Research Call. A little more than 1.6 m. euro has been committed by: Austria (120.000), Belgium (282.000), France (150.000), Germany (300.000), Netherlands (300.000) Switzerland (350.000) and Turkey (150.000).

Initiation of projects is expected to be in the last months of 2012 and each project may run for 3 years. Details of the participating funders and any relevant National Regulations are to be found on the Call Website.

Research consortia, which are interested in applying for funds, will be able to apply up to the limits set aside by the respective national funding organisation. The maximum amount available for funding research institutions from a research consortium will depend on the national contribution from that country. The budget for each project will, therefore, depend on the composition of the research consortium.

This first ERA-ARD II Transnational Research Call provides new opportunities for researchers and other stakeholders (farmers, farmer organizations, NGOs, policy makers, etc.) to take part in multilateral research cooperation in the field of sustainable and climate change resilient intensification of agricultural production.

The main objective of the ERA-ARD II Transnational Research Call is to contribute to improved livelihoods of smallholders and rural communities in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) through sustainable and climate-smart intensification of agricultural systems.

The call also aims to support and fund projects that will strengthen collaboration and networking with on-going projects and existing thematic networks.

Each research consortium must be transnational and consist of a minimum of 3 independent legal entities in partnerships from 3 different countries of which at least 1 is from the ERA-ARD II Consortium Member countries and 2 from countries on the



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