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Undergraduate Programmes

List of Undergraduate Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Science in Meteorology
  2. Bachelor of  Environmental Sciences
  3. Bachelor of  Tourism
  4. Bachelor of  Conservation Forestry and Products Technology
  5. Bachelor of Social and Entrepreneurial Forestry
  6. Bachelor of Science in Conservation Forestry
  7. Bachelor of Food Science and Technology
  8. Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition
  9. Bachelor of Agricultural and Rural Innovations
  10. Bachelor of Agribusiness Management
  11. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering
  12. Bachelor of  Horticulture
  13. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  14. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Land use And Management
  15. Bachelor of science in Water and Irrigation Engineering
  16. Bachelor of science in Bioprocessing Engineering
  17. Bachelor of science in Animal Science and Husbandry
  18. Bachelor of Agricultural Economics
  19. Bachelor of Rural Economy and Cooperative Management
  20. Bachelor of science in Geography and Earth Sciences
  21. Certificate course in Environment and Social Impact Assessment
  22. Bachelor of science in Geography and Earth Sciences


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