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Research aimed at producing drought and disease resistant Cowpea varieties

Makerere University College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) is developing five improved high yielding and pest resistant Cowpea


The goal of this project is to increase cowpea production, income and nutrition of resource poor farmers in Uganda through participatory development of improved high yielding, pest and disease resistant varieties. The project will also strengthen the capacity of for research and training in Uganda through training three graduate students at a Masters and PhD levels. So far three graduates, one at PhD and two at Masters have been recruited to the school of Agricultural Sciences sponsored by this project.

Following the initial country wide cowpea germplasm (Landraces and elite varieties) collection carried out in Uganda during 2010 and on-station cowpea variety evaluation done at Serere Research Station, the project has identified five promising cow pea varieties that are preferred by farming communities in Eastern and Northern Uganda. The assembled and tested varieties for Ugandan conditions are ACCWC28, ACCWC35B, ACCWC35C, ACCWC39 and ACCNE 44 but more work is being done to establish their resistance to major pests and diseases before they can be disseminated back to the farmers for adoption.



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