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CAES Management visit to Nyabyeya and Budongo 5th-8th July 2014

Every year, students from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) undertaking courses in Forestry related disciplines undertake their recess term training activities at Nyabyeya Forest College and Budongo Conservation Field Stations in Masindi district. Every year, these institutions take over 100 students undertaking recess term activities. 

On 5th July, 2014, CAES Management left for Nyabyeya and Budongo Field Stations on a two day field visit first, to see what students do during recess term and the opportunities so as to improve on the training. The second objective was to assess the available training facilities and thirdly, to interact with management of the two field stations and other key stakeholders on the training needs and forge a way forward on enhancing the relationship with Makerere University. 



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