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Impact of landuse change on soil carbon stocks and livelihoods of communities on Mt. Elgon region, Uganda


There is inadequate knowledge on the form of soil organic carbon (SOC) pools and fluxes that are affected by land use change. Hence, there is a need to understand how soil organic carbon is affected by land use change and how these impacts affect rural livelihood. This knowledge gap makes it difficult to predict the effects of land use change and limits the management of ecosystems. This study will be conducted on and around Mt. Elgon area in Uganda to obtain information from the community about their perception on landuse/cover change and its impact on the their livelihood and soil organic carbon. Knowledge on community copping strategies in improving and maintaining soil carbon levels will also be investigated.

Key words: Ecosystems, land use changes, Mt. Elgon, soil organic carbon, terrestrial ecosystems, Uganda

Obaa B.


Name : Obaa B.
Gender : Male
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Highest Qualification : PhD
Speciality : Sociology / Community Development
Department : Agricultural Extension Education
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