Makerere University’s vision is “To be the leading institution for academic excellence and innovations in Africa while providing innovative teaching, learning, research and services responsive to national and global needs”. Funding to attain the Makerere University vision and strategic goals has increasingly become challenging with declining government support. 

Following Uganda’s independence, the country has faced economic, social and state crises, protracted armed conflict and structural adjustment processes that have left a toll on higher education and research. More recently, we have seen increasing democratization processes, globalization, liberalization of economies, the information and communications technology revolution, and demographic and philanthropic R&D paradigm shifts that have all impacted research priorities and resource mobilization efforts. Currently, most ongoing research projects are externally-funded, have short life spans, are fragmented and underfunded to deliver robust, quality and impactful research. As such the policy effectiveness, development policies and programmes remain poorly informed by research.

The CAES Research Grants Office (RGO) therefore seeks to strengthen the research capacity of CAES in line with the vision of the University by;

  • assisting the academic staff to write winning proposals,
  • identifying sources of funding to resource the project ideas,
  • supporting implementation of research projects and coordinating delivery of research outputs, and
  • enhancing the sharing and exchange of information and knowledge within CAES and with external stakeholders.



Assisting the staff of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Science (CAES) in securing resources to support their research, teaching and community development service activities. 

Main objective

To develop productive and sustainable research culture and research training capacity of CAES by promoting and facilitating the procurement of grant and contract funding.

Specific objectives

  1. Develop a knowledge management system to compile and disseminate information on research funding sources and opportunities, proposals generated and funded, researchers, and research outputs;
  2. Strengthen capacities of CAES staff, partners and graduate students on technical aspects of research policy and management through awareness raising and training;
  3. Develop tools to support preparation of research grants and implementation, including; technical guides on consortia development and project preparation, templates of agreements/contracts, etc
  4. Strengthen research partnerships with partners including donors, government, private sector, and CSOs.