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Noble Banadda

Names: Noble BANADDA  
Ph.D. Domain: Chemical Engineering
Ph.D. Awarding University: KatholiekeUniversiteit Leuven, Belgium
Year of Ph.D. Award: 2006
Research Interest Areas: Biosystems Engineering and Mathematical modeling; Food processing Engineering, Environmental Engineering; Renewable Energy; Chemical reactor design and optimization
Outstanding Scientific work: Mathematical modelling of wastewater treatment systems based on image analysis information
Most cited Paper: T. Nkurunziza, J.B. Nduwayezu, I. Nhapi and E.N. Banadda. The effect of turbidity levels and Moringaoleiferaconcentration on the effectiveness of coagulation in water treatmentWater Science and Technology, 59(8): 1551-1558, 2009

Fildah AYAA

Names Fildah AYAA  
Ph.D. Domain:  
Ph.D. Awarding University  
Year Of Ph.D. Award  
Research Interest Areas Renewable energy and energy generation,  Mathematical modeling, Computational fluid dynamics and Environmental engineering
Outstanding Scientific Work Design and optimization of a waste-to-energy incinerator for Kampala
Most Citied Paper
  1. , P. Mtui, N. Banadda, J. Van Impe.(2014).  Design and Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling of a Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator for Kampala City, Uganda.  American Journal of Energy Engineering2(3), 80-86. doi: 10.11648/j.ajee.20140203.12


Michael IWADRA

Names: Michael IWADRA  
  1. Ph.D Study Domain:
Water Resources Engineering
Host University: University of Botswana
Anticipated Year of Completion: 2018
Research Interest Areas: Irrigation and drainage Engineering, Use of waste water and bio char in agriculture, Water Resources Engineering-hydrology, Climate Change
Outstanding Scientific work: Application of IHSI hydrological model for Ijse Catchment water balance analyse and it’s Verification
Most cited Paper: ZZiwa E., D. Mpaire, J. Kyambande, M. Iwadra, D. Mutetika, S. Mugerwa and D. PedenEffect of upper catchment management and water cover plants on the quality and quantity of water in surface reservoirs.Proceedings of the second international forum on water and food. Vol. 2: 71-74, Addis Ababa, 10-16th November, 2008


Names: John Bosco KAWONGOLO  
Ph.D. Domain: Agricultural Sciences (Agricultural Engineering / Food Processing Engineering)
Ph.D. Awarding University: University of Kassel, Germany
Year of Ph.D. Award: 2013
Research Interest Areas: Design andManufacturing of Industrial and Agricultural Equipment; Processing ofagricultural of agricultural produce, Design of agricultural processingfacilities/technologies, Postharvest technologies and value addition; andRenewable energies for rural processing technologies which include solarenergy and biogas
Outstanding Scientific work: Establishment of pilot plant for processing ofmatooke as the lead engineer for the Banana Processing Pilot Plant Presidential Imitative on Banana Industrial Development (PIBID)
Most cited Paper: Kawongolo J.B.,Kibalama J. & Brown L. Development of AppropriateDecorticator for Small Scale Sisal Processing in Uganda.MUARIK bulletin Vol.1, pp 87-92, 1998


Names: Peter MULAMBA  
  1. Ph.D. Domain:
Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  1. Ph.D. Awarding University:
The Ohio State University
Year of Ph.D. Award: 2009
Research Interest Areas: Irrigation Engineering; Soil and Water Resources Engineering; Applied Hydraulics, Hydrology & Sedimentology for micro-catchments; Climatology & hydrologic modeling; GPS, Remote sensing and GIS applications in Agricultural planning and development; Modeling & Design of Biosystems; Probabilistic methods in Engineering Design; Environmental Impact studies; Wastewater Treatment and reuse
Outstanding Scientific work: Investigation of the optimum critical point for micro-irrigation scheduling of cabbages; Modeling Jambo wastewater treatment system to predict water re-use options; Biomaterials Modeling of Localized Hyperthermia and Drug Delivery for Breast Cancer
Most cited Paper: Kyeyune, S. and P., Mulamba (2014) Modeling Jambo wastewater treatment system to predict water re-use options. African Journal of Environment Science and Technology,Vol. 9(3), pp. 192-201. DOI: 10.5897/AJEST2012.173

Ahamada Zziwa

Names: Ahamada ZZIWA  
Ph.D. Domain: Civil Engineering
Ph.D. awarding university: Makerere University
Year of Ph.D. Award: 2012
Research interests:  Post-harvest and agro-processing technology research and development,  sanitation research and wood strength characterization
Outstanding scientific work: Timber strength characterization and grading for Uganda
Most cited Paper: Zziwa, A., Ziraba, Y.N. and Mwakali, J.A. (2009). Timber use practices in Uganda’s building construction industry: current situation and future prospects. Journal of Institute of Wood Science Vol. 19, 48 – 53. The Wood Technology Society of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, 2009.  DOI: 10.1179/002032009X12536100262475

Allan John Komakech


Allan John KOMAKECH  
Ph.D. Domain Waste Engineering
Ph.D. Awarding University Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences   and Makerere University
Year of Ph.D. Award: 2014
Research Interest Areas Waste management (Nutrient recycling and composting) life-cycle assessment and modelling, renewable energy (anaerobic digestion, solar, biomass), waste water treatment, irrigation and water resources engineering
Outstanding Scientific work: Investigated and optimized a vermicompost reactor suitable for a small-scale farmer
Most cited Paper: Komakech, A. J., Banadda, N.E, Kinobe, J. R., Kasisira L.,Sundberg, C., Gebresenbet G., Vinnerås, B. 2014. Characterization of Municipal Waste in Kampala, Uganda. Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association, 64(3): 340-348, DOI: 10.1080/10962247.2013.861373

Hussein Balimunsi Kivumbi

Names: Hussein Kivumbi BALIMUNSI  
Ph.D. Domain: Forest Engineering
Ph.D. Awarding University: Sokoine University of Agriculture
Year of Ph.D. Award: 2007
Research Interest Areas: Sustainable forest harvesting technologies
Outstanding Scientific work: Development of Environmentally friendly and sustainable forest harvesting systems
Most cited Paper: Hussein Balimunsi, RaffaeleCavalli, Stefano Grigolato, Rodolfo Picchio, Kenneth Nyombi, 2012: Productivity And Energy Balance Of Motor Manual Timber Harvesting Systems In Uganda. Journal  Forestry Studies in China,Volume 14, No. 4

Isa Kabenge

Names: Isa KABENGE  
Ph.D. Domain:

Agricultural and Biological System


Ph.D. Awarding University: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Year of Ph.D. Award: 2011
Research Interest Areas: Impact of climate change to agricultural systems, Application of gridded datasets to developing and modeling solutions for challenges related to hydrological systems and environmental engineering, Evapotranspiration and other energy fluxes of vegetative surfaces, Application of GIS to management of natural resources, Application of biological systems for environmental protection, Quantification of plants water use and surface energy balance, Water/Wastewater systems design, operation and maintenance
Outstanding Scientific work: Modeled the wind speed between 1893 to 1986 using the lag-1 Markov Process
Most cited Paper:

Irmak, S., I. Kabenge, K. E. Skagss, and D. Mutiibwa. Trend and magnitude

of changes in climate variables and reference evapotranspiration over 116-yr period in the Platte River Basin, Central Nebraska-USA, Journal of Hydrology, Vol.(420– 421), 228-244, 2012

Joshua Wanyama


Joshua WANYAMA  
Ph.D. Domain Soil and Water Resources Engineering
Ph.D. Awarding University Katholieke Universiteit Leuven,  Belgium
Year of Ph.D. Award Award: 2012
Research Interest Areas a) Irrigation & drainage engineering; b) Soil & water resources engineering;  c) Renewable energy; d) Waste management; and  e) Farm engineering
Outstanding Scientific work:
  1. Performance assessment of tropical grass species that satisfy both ecological and socio-economic requirements as sediment filters under natural rainfall and simulated concentrated run-off
  2. Impact assessment of papyrus wetland encroachment on spatial and temporal variabilities of stream flow and sediment export from wet tropical catchments
 Most cited Paper :

Wanyama J., Herremans K., Isabirye M., Kahimba F., Maetens W.,

Kimaro, D., Poesen  J. & Deckers J.  Effectiveness of tropical grass

species as sediment filters in the riparian zone of Lake Victoria. Journal of Soil Use and Management, 28, 409–418, 2012

Julia Kigozi

Names: Julia KIGOZI  
Ph.D. Domain: Product Development/Food process Engineering
Ph.D. Awarding University: Makerere University
Year of Ph.D. Award: 2015
Research Interest Areas: Areas of expertise include; Product development, Postharvest handling, value addition, Food process development and fabrication of Agro-processing equipment such as Ground nut sheller, batch Pasteuriser, Fruit pulper, Cocoa dehuller, Soymilk machine, soya bean steamer, soya bean roaster 
Outstanding Scientific work: Pioneering research in the design, fabrication of batch pasteuriser, G. nut sheller, fruit pulper and Soy-milk production machine. Equipment have been tested and have a high performance. Development of the production process for sorghum ice cream cones
Most cited Paper: Kigozi, J., Byaruhanga. Y., Kaaya. A. and Banadda. N, 2013. Characterization of the physico-chemical properties of selected white sorghum grain and flours for the production of ice cream cone. The Open Food Science Journal,7: 23-33, 2012

Nicholas Kiggundu

Name Nicholas KIGGUNDU  
Ph.D. Domain: Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Ph.D. Awarding University: University of Florida
Year of Ph.D. Award: 2010
Research Interest Areas: Crop evapotranspiration, soil water sensor based irrigation technologies, watershed modeling (of runoff water, sediment, and nutrient transport), crop modeling (i.e., simulating optimal planting dates, crop growth, yield production, nutrient uptake and nutrient leaching), soil and water conservation practices, water quality monitoring and agrochemical management, GIS applications in water quality and quantity management, and modeling climate change impacts on crop yields 

Outstanding Scientific work:

Best Management Practices (BMPs) in tropic fruit production that reduced irrigation water use by 90% and nutrient leaching by 60% in younger fruit groves
Most cited Paper: Kiggundu, N., K.W. Migliaccio, B. Schaffer, Y. Li, and J. H. Crane. Water savings, nutrient leaching, and fruit yield in a young avocado orchard as affected by irrigation and nutrient managementIrrigation Science 30 (4): 275-286, 2012

Robert Kyeyune Kambugu

Names: Robert Kyeyune KAMBUGU  
Ph.D. Domain: Forestry


Ph.D. Awarding University:

Makerere University

Year of Ph.D. Award: 2015
Research Interest Areas: Dynamic Simulation of Managed Socio-ecological Systems; Sustainability of Renewable Natural Resources; Farm Machinery (design, evaluation & management)
Outstanding Scientific work: Discerning how the timber production and distribution chain evolved into a vulnerable system whose organisation and performance spur timber resource scarcity that, apparently, doesn’t respond to policy interventions
Most cited Paper: Zziwa A, Kizito S, Banana AY, Kaboggoza J. R. S., Kambugu R. K., and Sseremba O. E. (2006). Production of composite bricks from sawdust using Portland cement as a binder. Uganda Journal of AgriculturalSciences, 12 (1): 38-44

Peter Tumutegyereize

  1. Ph.D Study Domain:
Energy & Process Engineering Systems
Host University: University of Botswana
Anticipated Year of Completion: 2017
Research Interest Areas: Renewable energy harnessing and utilization, Waste reuse and resource recovery, Environmental protection and preservation, Sustainable Energy and Agricultural Systems and Post harvest technologies
Outstanding Scientific work: Determining the best alternative use of banana (matooke) peels at household level without joining the waste stream to the landfill
Most cited Paper: P. Tumutegyereize, F. I. Muranga, J. Kawongolo and F. Nabugoomu. Optimization of biogas production from banana peels: Effect of particle size on methane yield. African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 10(79), pp. 18243-18251, 12 December, 2011.

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