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Innovations in teaching

  • AEN 4208 Land Evaluation for Irrigation: students carry out practical Land evaluation exercise in groups of two or three and present to the class and are graded.
  • Students are assigned topics in class. They research on them and present their findings in a lecture style arrangement. The rest of the class is examinable on such topics.
  • Students designing and constructing equipment in groups.
  • Students are guided on how to identify scientific papers related to their topics of research from several journals. Read particular paper of choice, summarise the paper, and present to fellow students. Students are guided on how to effectively listen to a scientific talk, critic the presentation9bioth the slides quality and content and presentation style) and give positive feedback to the presenter.
  • Co- teaching of MSc. Course with masters students taking up new topics. The students are given reference materials; they read widely and prepare to give a lecture which is scored by fellow students. The listeners look out for clarity of the lecture materials, relevancy of the examples given by the presenter and ability to respond to questions raised by the students on the day lecturer inclusive. The students later share their presentations as lecture materials for future revision and enventual examination. To ensure that each student covers the topic satisfactorily, marks are awarded by the lecturer, who independently marks the submitted presentations.

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